The First Time (2012)

the first time

The First Time is a romantic comedy for teenagers and college-aged guys and gals (and anyone with a heart that’s capable of love) about a boy, a girl and their respective relationships. And having sex for the first time.

Dave has had a thing for Jane for a long time, but she’s always treated him as more of a friend than a possible boyfriend. She’s essentially treated him as a backup. Not necessarily going to give him a chance, but she’s enjoyed having him as an option.

Aubrey is a cooler girl with an older boyfriend. Her boyfriend, Ronny, is a bit of a college-douche. She doesn’t really love him, but she’s considering giving him her virginity.

Dave and Aubrey meet and sparks fly immediately. But they’re both interested in/dating other people. Dave is a good guy and wants Aubrey, and he definitely cares about her too much to let her give up her virginity to a guy like Ronny. And thus, the action is set in motion!

The First Time

The First Time comes from writer/director Jon Kasdan, who recently made the okay but not great In the Land of Women. He’s also directed a few episodes of Californication and wrote a few episodes of Dawson’s Creek.

Clearly, this man is a god.


The First Time Trailer

Movie Release Date

October 19, 2012. Limited release.

Who’s In It?

 Dylan O’Brien … Dave Hodgman
  Brittany Robertson¹ … Aubrey Miller
  Craig Roberts … Simon Daldry
  Maggie Elizabeth Jones … Stella Hodgman
  Lamarcus Tinker … Big Corporation
  Christine Taylor … Aubrey’s Mom
  Joshua Malina … Aubrey’s Dad
  Victoria Justice … Jane Harmon
  James Frecheville … Ronny
  Halston Sage … Brianna
  Molly C. Quinn … Erica #1
  Christine Quynh Nguyen … Erika #2
  Matthew Fahey … Brendan Meltzer

What’s Good About It?

The trailer for The First Time looks decent enough, and the leads, while not well-know, appear capable of handling the responsibilities of leading such a film. Of course, it’s probably shit.

What’s Bad About It?

Just kidding about that shit comment. I do worry that Dylan O’Brien and Brittany Robertson aren’t ready to lead such a production, but I’ll hold my criticisms for the moment. She’s hot at least.

Our Clever Prediction

HELLLLLLLOOOOOOO Victoria Justice. Yowza. She’s reason enough to see this. The First Time is getting a limited release, at least at first, so that’s not exactly a great sign, but I do think it’ll be okay, and may even get a full release. The problem I think the film has is that it looks like less of a comedy and more or a romance, and for romance these days you need Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling. No one else will suffice. NO ONE.