The Fantastic Four (2015)

Fantastic Four

Apparently we needed a new Fantastic Four movie, so here you go. Yes they’re making a ‘new Fantastic Four movie’…yay. That they give up on a superhero franchise after superheroes became all the rage across the world? That after the success of The Avengers, they would just let another classic Marvel super-team fade away into obscurity? Of course not, you blubbering fool! (Ignore that insult if you aren’t remotely surprised by this reboot thing and are feeling so smug that even the air around you wants to punch your face.)

After Batman invented the whole reboot trick, everyone has been keen on trying it, because that’s what all superheroes do — try to emulate Batman to seem cool. Spider-Man had one bad movie and it immediately went for a cheap reboot while the first film was still fresh in the minds of most people. Even the kids born after the first Spider-Man movie must have seen it on TV, right? Anyway, we’re here to talk about the Fantastic Four, who already had two movies, but they didn’t exactly do great at the box office, and got lukewarm reception from critics and fans alike. Will the third time be the charm for the beloved Marvel characters?

Four (4) people go to space, get exposed to cosmic rays, and get different superpowers, because Stan Lee doesn’t understand how science works. If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely either seen the movies or read the comics, so you know the story. Most people do. They better not do the origin story again. Just start with a dysfunctional family with cool superpowers who fight over-the-top old school villains with names like Doctor Doom and Galactus.

Let me clear one thing — this isn’t a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These guys are not showing up with the Avengers anytime soon. The film is being produced by 20th Century Fox, the guys who own X-Men, so the FF might show up in their films.

The film is being directed by Josh Tank, the guy who made the found-footage superhero movie Chronicle, which was a sleeper hit in early 2012.

Release Date

UPDATE: Looks like I was right. The movie will release on August 7, 2015.

Who’s in it?

Michael B. Jordan… Johnny Storm AKA The Human Torch
Kate Mara… Susan Storm AKA The Invisible Girl
Miles Teller… Reed Richards AKA Mr. Fantastic
Jamie Bell… Ben Grimm… AKA The Thing


What an awkward trailer. Awful, sad music, flashbacks and gloomy scenarios.. what are they trying to do here? Didn’t Marvel learn their lesson with Spider-Man 4? People don’t want to go to a superhero movie to be depressed, it sucks. This trailer looks terrible. Why are they rebooting this franchise anyways?

The Good Stuff?

The FF comics were classic Marvel pulp. They had an uninhibited imagination, a child-like sense of adventure, and it’s a shame that we haven’t yet had a movie to do justice to the source material. Chronicle was good, so if Josh Tank captures the spirit of the comics and utilizes the inherent potential of the property, we might get a decent film.

The Bad Stuff?

They have actually already made a perfect Fantastic Four movie, except it was called The Incredibles.

In a just world we would be getting more sequels to that film instead of these endless reboots.

Our Premature Verdict

It might get upto $500 million if it gets good reviews, but I don’t see it making Avengers cash under any circumstances.