The Factory (2013)

the factory

The Factory is a thriller starring John Cusack as a cop obsessing over a serial killer. He plays things by the book until his daughter is abducted. The gloves come off and he forgoes all professional restraint to bring the killer to justice.

The story is set in Buffalo, NY, and the obsessed cop has a partner. That’s about all we have to go on. At least according to the trailer the idea that the police only have 48 hours to find the victim plays a part as well. The concept that the cop knows roughly how long he has until his daughter is likely dead no doubt plays into his tension throughout the film. Whatevs.

The Factory

Morgan O’Neill is directing and writing The Factory. He played Matt in Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, so he knows action, suspense and sexuality.

I’m actually looking forward to this now.


The Factory Trailer

The Factory Release Date


Who’s In It?

  John Cusack … Mike Fletcher
  Jennifer Carpenter … Kelsey Walker
  Dallas Roberts … Gary Gemeaux
  Mae Whitman … Abby Fletcher
  Sonya Walger … Shelley
  Mageina Tovah … Brittany
  Katherine Waterston … Lauren
  Gary Anthony Williams … Darryl
  Michael Trevino … Tad
  Cindy Sampson … Crystal
  Vincent Messina … Jed Fletcher
  Lita Tresierra … Divine
  Andrew Johnson … Chief
  Ksenia Solo … Emma
  Charles Papasoff … Jerome
  Don Postles … News Anchor
  Maxim Roy … Nurse Unit Manager
  Glenda Braganza … Nurse
  Luis Oliva … Divine’s Boyfriend
  Conrad Pla … Steve
  Meghanne Kessels … Chelsea
  Christine Willes … Realtor

What’s Good About It?

I like John Cusack, no matter how many horrible films he makes. And I like crime films about serial killers who abduct the daughters of the detectives tracking them…

It’s like this film was made specifically for my preferences!

I wonder if Batman will show up…

What’s Bad About It?

Come on. The Factory doesn’t really look any good. It’s a paint-by-numbers thriller with mediocre talent throughout.

Our Clever Prediction

I think The Factory may go straight to either On Demand or DVD. Sounds good. Whatever gets it on the shelves of my local Blockbuster for my consumption, the better.

There aren’t any Blockbusters anymore? SHIT.