The Face of Love, 50 Shades of Grey & X-Men Days of Future Past Pics & More!

50 shades of grey poster jan 27

The Face of Love has a solid new poster, 50 Shades of Grey teases us, X-Men: Days of Future Past gives us a little view of most of the characters, Lana Del Ray makes Maleficent haunting, 300: Rise of an Empire reminds of of the original in a new poster, And The Lego Movie has a bunch of charming new film clips!

The Face of Love

The Face of Love has a new poster that focuses on the lovely Annette Bening, with just a glimpse of Ed Harris in the background. I like a lot of things about this film. The actors are good, but it’s more about the concept, which is a bit fantastical, with an exact doppelganger of a woman’s dead husband showing up a few years after he dies, but it’s not being played as a crazy sci fi thing, or some straight up fantasy. It’s really about the characters and love. It should make people think, while at the same time not turning off people who wouldn’t care for the extreme that science fiction (cloning or something) would push the film into.

I’m happy about this flick, and this poster, with just a few hints of how strange things would be if this happened, is exceptionally awesome.
the face of love jan 27

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey has a new poster today, the film’s first, and it teases that the film’s lover man, Christian Grey, will see you now. But he won’t be seeing you now, because the movie comes out on Valentine’s Day 2015. That’s over a year away. At least we’re getting a nice view of his booty. I assume there’s assplay in 50 Shades of Grey. There’s gotta be.

And I think the Space Needle outside the window is supposed to make me giggle. Cause it did.
50 shades of grey poster jan 27

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is on the cover of Empire Magazine, and there are a bunch of variant covers for the various characters in the film. They’re really showing off Magneto’s costume, which looks good, and Hugh Jackman still looks insane as Wolverine, but let’s be real: Jennifer Lawrence is the star of this film, especially with a body like that. She just keeps getting hotter. Yowza. YOWZA. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.


Maleficent has a new trailer today with a ton of great new visuals, but it’s ultimately the song by Lana Del Ray (at least it sounds like her) that has me most interested. She has a great voice, and while she doesn’t really sing catchy songs very often, she does have a talent for slow, dreamy sounds that this trailer takes advantage of. This probably won’t appeal to kids, but for many of us I think it’s outstanding. Give it a look.

300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire has a new poster today that shows one of the final shots from the original 300. It’s on Xerxes as he cuts the head off King Leonidas. It’s a cool poster I suppose, and provides a nice glimpse of the petulance of Xerxes. Not bad, and of course the film is banking on us fondly remembering the original to boost sales. It sort of does.
300 rise of an empire jan 27

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie has tons of new clips today, like a bunch a bunch, and they range from charming and pretty cool to THE MOST AWESOME ONE EVER CAUSE IT HAD BATMAN.

Sorry, I got excited. There are a lot of clips though, and I’d still say the one with Batman is the best. So watch them, comment on them, and enjoy the rest of your day.