The Equalizer & A Walk Among Tombstones TV Spots!


The Equalizer brings the justice, and A Walk Among Tombstones gives two new looks!

The Equalizer

The Equalizer has a new TV spot that promises Denzel will be bringing the justice to all y’alls candy asses!

Oh wait, that’s the Rock. Well, Denzel is pretty awesome too, and that’s without steroids. So… enjoy the new video!

A Walk Among Tombstones

A Walk Among Tombstones has 2 new TV spots, and they both do a decent job of showing that Liam Neeson can be a badass outside of Taken. That said, the filmmakers and studio are clearly incredibly well aware of Taken, as Liam gives a short, but still intense speech about letting go a kidnapped girl or else. That’s basically what he does best these days.