The Deep Blue Sea (2012)


The Deep Blue Sea is a remake of an adaptation of a play by Terence Rattigan. It’s about the wife of a British Judge who has an affair with a pilot.

The wife leaves her husband for the pilot (I just read that so I don’t know if it’s spoiler or not, I’m guessing it happens early in the film, but if that’s the climax and I ruined it for you, whoops) who was traumatized during the war. I’m guessing ‘the war’ is WWII. The film is a drama/romance. I’m crying already.


The Deep Blue Sea

Terence Davies is directing, which cannot be a coincidence, since both he and the playwright both spell the name Terrence wrong. My old man’s name, and there’s only ONE way. Just like Brian. Bryan’s can all go SUCK it.

The Deep Blue Sea Trailer

The Deep Blue Sea Release Date

TBA, 2012.


Who’s In It?

 Rachel Weisz … Hester Collyer
  Tom Hiddleston … Freddie Page
  Simon Russell Beale … William Collyer
  Ann Mitchell … Mrs. Elton
  Harry Hadden-Paton … Jackie Jackson
  Sarah Kants … Liz Jackson
  Jolyon Coy … Philip Welch

What’s Good About It?

Tom Hiddleston was AWESOME as Loki. Of course, he won’t be playing the God of Mischief, and Kenneth Branagh isn’t directing, but I still like him, and Rachel Weisz is aging like a fine wine. Hmmm… Time for Drinking!

What’s Bad About It?

Meh, Romance. I only enjoy romance when it involves BOOBIES. In which case, I enjoy it very much.

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt The Deep Blue Sea will make much money, but there’s potential for some award love, and it might just be heartbreaking enough to bring in some ladies. Maybe I should see this.