The Dark Tower- cinematography, action but failed script play

dark tower poster

The most awaited ‘book to movie’ adaptation of Stephen King’s magnum opus “The Dark Tower” has finally hit the big screens and it seems the wait is worth. “A Royal Affair director Nikolaj Arcel has tried to compress the volume of eight books of Dark tower into a visual treat of 95 minutes which symphonizes science-fiction, mythology and cosmic structures.


The one and half hour of the movie revolves around a teenager Jake Chambers who got some psychic abilities that are compelled to some unusual sketches of mechanistic volcanoes, human beings with rare features and a hero “Gunslinger”. Jake is considered as an aberrant teen because of his vision, though his visions were real and also sent to a psychiatric retreat for his bizarre vision by his mother from where he escaped. He then found himself in the mid of the world where he meets the character ‘Gunslinger’ a gigantic avenger with a leather trenchcoat. Gunslinger (Idris Elba) purpose of existence was to guard the Dark Tower which is known to hold a force of cosmic good and is being in the middle of the universe since the time. And there comes the Man in black (Matthew McConaughey), the supervillain who is determined to destroy the dark tower and let off the hook of hell. It’s now the eternal battle between good and bad, the good soul clashes with the evil to protect the fate of the whole universe.

The movie transformation of the most celebrated sci-fi novelist “Stephen King’s” Dark tower had some huge audience expectation which it certainly did not live up to. The movie is rather like any typical Hollywood sci-fi movies which follow the nightmare of a kid which ultimately leads to a way to the universe. However, the makers tried to stay honest to the book but they failed to do justice to the voluminous novel of the author. The lead Idris Elba, although managed to preserve the seats from getting vacant with his extraordinary performance and skills.

The action choreography or I would say larger than life actions, was also very disappointing and the audience did find themselves distracted as there was a lack of a connective bridge between the events. The film was dangling around being confused and boring. Overall the movie was a big disappointment and makers failed to stay stuck around the soul of the book.


Director-  Nikolaj Arcel

Screenplay-  Nikolaj Arcel, Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinkner, Anders Thomas Jensen