The Croods (2012)


The Croods is an animated film about a prehistoric family who venture outside their home after an earthquake hits.

On their journey, the family meets a nomad who charms them with his modern mindset. The leader of the clan is threatened by the newcomer, who is a genius inventor who has new methods and tools at his disposal, such as fire.

And then Beavis and Butthead yell, “Fire, Fire.”

The Croods Pics


The Scoop

Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders are teaming up for The Croods. They have a fair amount of experience between them, having worked on Lilo and Stitch, How to Train Your Dragon, and Racing Stripes. They cowrote and will co-direct the film, so we can expect them to blame the other if it stinks,

Who’s It For?

Probably either G or PG.

Movie Release Date

March 30, 2012.

Who’s In It?

Emma Stone … Eep (voice)
Ryan Reynolds … Guy (voice)
Nicolas Cage … Grug (voice)
Catherine Keener … Ugga (voice)

Interesting Fact

In reality, Ryan Reynolds did invent fire.

He is an immortal. Until Highlander cuts his noggin off.

Related Movies

Year One, Racing Stripes, How to Train Your Dragon

What’s Good About It?

I think history has shown that movies set in prehistoric times are always awesome. Right, Year One?

Oh, wait. No. They aren’t.

What’s Bad About It?

They should have kept Emma Stone’s name the same. It just sounds prehistoric. What with the Stone and all.

This will be in 3D, so that should be exciting. I doubt ANY films will be made in 3D before summer 2012. BORING.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m thinking it’ll do well. A kid’s film at the end of March, and it’s in 3D? Box office gold.

Literally. They will get lots of GOLD.

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