The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

The Chronicles of Narnia The Silver Chair

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  1. I agree. The 3rd movie deviated from the book quite a bit. It was still an awesome movie but would been better if they could of stuck to the book’s plot. I guess Hollywood needed to spice things up.

  2. “The Silver Chair”, “The Magicians Nephew”, and “The Last Battle”. All of these would make great movies. I don’t think “A Horse and his Boy” would be any good. I struggled getting through reading it. It’s not in the general flow of the Chronicles and there are no characters that are in the story that the other movies would need for continuity. According to the internet, “The Magicians Nephew” is the next movie being made.

  3. Miya,

    Simple. It’s based on the Bible. Narnia is Heaven. The world without Evil, Pain & Sorrow. We all have this desire to live in such a world because In The Begining we human were living in paradise ‘Eden’. Then evil come to the world but human chose it and from this time it’s sucks. All is going down because human chose himself not God. But God send His Only Son Jesus Christ as a Sacrifice 4 our sins so we can have again relationship with God and eternal life after death – like narnia. That’s why we desire Narnia so much in our heart!
    Read the Bible! Jesus is coming soon and He will rule this world and He will renew all Earth as it was in Eden! Gr8 HOPE!

  4. When I read this entire book series, I often found myself asking myself if Narnia was real, or could ever be real. I asked myself this, mabey silly, question because in most of C.S Lewis’ books, he would write little things like, and I am NOT quoting him but, things like,if you were ever so lucky to travel to Narnia. Makes me wonder if there really was/is a Narnia, because if there is, I’d like to go! hehe but seriously, what did he mean???

  5. Zach,

    Christianity is about as real as Narnia. Which, last time I checked were just books, and stories. Take the hint, retards. Christianity is just a long story with too many obnoxious believers.

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