That’s What She Said (2012)

thats what she said

That’s What She Said is a comedy about being a woman in modern day New York City. The story revolves around three friends who all do their best to be good ladies, have fun and get by.

Bebe is the main character, and she’s best friends with Dee Dee. Bebe is about to have a little more romance in her life, but she can’t get any decent advice from Dee Dee, as she is quite cynical about the whole thing. During their discussion of such things, newcomer to their little group of two, Clementine, comes in and starts talking about her nymphomaniac ways. The three start across New York, trying to make the most of it while at the same time being completely fucking crazy.

Oh, I added the last part, but it seemed accurate.

That’s What She Said

That’s What She Said comes from, oddly, Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene on True Blood. She plays such a dummy on the show that I can hardly believe she’s smart enough to direct a film, but no doubt she can handle it. That’s What She Said was directed by Kellie Overbey, who was never on True Blood and therefore SUCKS.


That’s What She Said Trailer

Movie Release Date

October 19, 2012.

Who’s In It?

 Alia Shawkat … Clementine
  Anne Heche … Dee Dee
  Miriam Shor … Rhoda
  Marcia DeBonis … Bebe
  Kellie Overbey … Elyse
  Mandy Siegfried … Mary
  Nick Gregory … Dick
  Heather Lindell … Little Miss Nutcracker
  Charisse Bellante … Spa Receptionist
  Marylouise Burke … Phyllis
  Kristine Nielsen … Judith
  William Jackson Harper … Harry
  Kate Rigg … Lu
  Teresa Hui … Scissor-Happy Chinese Beautician
  Alexandra Rosario … Kickline Dancer
  Tanisha T. Long¹ … Opening Credits Woman
  Maria Scavullo … Perky Barista
  Makenzie Caine … Secretary
  Dana Pelevine … Hair Salon Secretary
  Brandi Nicole Wilson … Menage a Trois Woman 2
  Sean Patrick Murray … Hipster Kid
  Migina Tsai … Beautician
  John G. Preston … Tom
  Otoja Abit … Menage a Trois Man

What’s Good About It?

I don’t know, the trailers aren’t all that funny, but at least they have Mae Be from Arrested Development. That’s Alia Shawkat. She’s capable of being funny.

What’s Bad About It?

The trailer, concept… everything.

Anne Heche.

Our Clever Prediction

I think That’s What She Said will be a huge flop and I won’t give a darn. Not a single darn. Not one. NOT A ONE.