Thanks for Sharing (2013)

thanks for sharing

Thanks for Sharing is a new comedy about three people struggling to deal with sex addiction and the stigmas that go along with it.

I think the film can be very well summed up by one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lines, when she responds to her new boyfriend’s (Mark Ruffalo) admission that he suffers from sex addiction by saying that she thought that was just something guys said when they get caught cheating. Part of me wonders about sex addiction, since it’s not like you’re doing cocaine or something, but at the same time I get the idea. I’m a guy. I GET IT.

But it’s not just about a dude with the problem. It’s about three folks. One of the others is a more portly fellow who gets fired from his job for trying to take pictures up his boss’s skirt, and the third is a girl!

But the girl is Pink (the singer), so it’s sort of about 3 guys. ZING.

The story unfolds by trying to show that each of the three people suffering – and who go to sex addiction counseling together – try to get their lives together and make it work even as they have other people in their lives not understand what they’re going through.

Thanks for Sharing

Thanks for Sharing comes from writer/director Stuart “Probably a Sex Addict” Blumberg, who cowrote the screenplay with Matt Winston. Blumberg wrote another decent Mark Ruffalo film, The Kids are Alright, and he played the car salesman in Fight Club, so I like him.


Thanks for Sharing Trailer

Thanks for Sharing Release Date

September 20, 2013.

Who’s In It?

Mark Ruffalo
Tim Robbins
Gwyneth Paltrow . . . Phoebe
Joely Richardson . . . Katie
Pink… Who Cares? It’s PINK

What’s Good About It?

I wonder what it says about me that I’m writing a preview about a film that’s about sex addiction while listening to Circle of Life by Elton John.


Anyways, the trailer looks really good, and I like the actors (NOT PINK) quite a bit, so there’s potential here for sure.

What’s Bad About It?



Our Clever Prediction

I don’t know if Thanks for Sharing will be a huge success, but I do think it shows quite a bit of potential, and I’m actually a bit excited for it. It might be good.