Texas Killing Fields (2011)


Texas Killing Fields is a crime detective thriller starring Sam Worthington and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as homicide detectives tracking a killer who dumps his victims in Texas marshes known as “The Killing Fields.”

How menacing a name is “The Killing Fields” for a bunch of marshes? Why not “The Marshmallow Marshes?” Then you’d only get the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man showing up to play. WAY better than killers.

Anywho, there are two detectives on this case, one of them a local boy, the other a transplanted New York detective. The big city detective warns the local boy that the murders are outside of their jurisdiction, but he still pursues the murderer. When the murderer discovers that he’s being hunted, he turns the hunt around on the detectives and starts taunting them, and kidnaps a girl. They then must race against time to save her and bring this dastardly villain to justice.

I say ‘dastardly’ because I assume it’s Elmer Fudd.

The Texas Killing Fields

Ami Canaan Mann is directing, and he doesn’t have a lot of experience, but he was the second unit director on Heat, so he’s got to be pretty good. Right?

Oh, and the film is based on a true story, so that’s cool.

Texas Killing Fields Trailer

The Texas Killing Fields Release Date

October 7, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Jessica Chastain
  Chloe Moretz … Little Anne Sliger
  Sam Worthington … Jake Souder
  Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  Stephen Graham … Rhino
  Annabeth Gish … Gwen Heigh
  Sheryl Lee
  Jason Clarke … Rule
  Leanne Cochran … Lila
  Sean Michael Cunningham … Sean Heigh
  Becky Fly … Neighbor
  James Hébert … Eugene Sliger
  Donna Duplantier … Reba
  Marcus Lyle Brown … CSI
  Lyle Brocato … Jim
  Kirk Bovill … Boyfriend
  Tom Proctor … Poacher #2
  Deneen Tyler … Lady Worm
  Tony Bentley … Capt. Bender
  Elise Fyke … Victim
  Samantha Beaulieu … Sheila
  Mark Adam … Mike

What’s Good About It?

I actually like the cast, even with Worthington, who tends to lack the charisma that’s associated with him. The story looks decent, and it’s being produced by Michael Mann, which is almost always good. I’m looking forward to this one.

What’s Bad About It?

It might be a bit by the numbers. I’d prefer The Texas Killing Fields to be based on a story that someone just made up. Real life is this crap we have to live. I WANT AVATAR!

Or something else equally stupid and ridiculous.

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt the Texas Killing Fields will make much money, but it all depends on the quality of the film. It’s not like Transformers, where you can just put any shit on screen and it’ll print money.