Tekken (2010)


Two childhood friends enter the world’s largest fighting tournament where they have to battle deadly opponents using every form of martial arts known to man. As they fight both friend and foe, their journey takes them deep into the heart of the notorious Tekken Corporation, where they uncover a secret project that could change the world.


The leader of a highly corrupt business under investigation of murder, Heihachi Mishima, suspiciously announces a tournament to crown a “king of iron fist” whereby the winner will be made his personal bodyguard and will have riches and fame laid upon them. However the tournament is not all it seems, as all of the contestants seem to have their own separate agenda’s to get close to the man looking to employ them.

A group of elite fighters, undercover police and assassins team together in the hope of uncovering the truth but slowly realize they are in fact linked together through more than just there goal of killing Mishima.

Release Date

November 5th at the Mann’s Criterion Theatre in Santa Monica, to find a distributor. Tekken will now hit American Theaters 5 August 2010, they found a distributor for the film.


Jon Foo, Luke Goss, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Chiaki Kuriyama, Nathan Jones

Tekken Reminds me of

Street Fighter, Kickboxer

Interesting Fact

Based on the multi million selling fighting games series created by Namco.

Tekken Trailer

Official Resources

Official site [jp]


  1. unf**kin believeable is the 5th of Auguest is next week can not wait

  2. I have seen the new tekken trailer this one was better then the first one some shiuld tell Dwieght H. Little that he shounld rease it in america ether we love it or hate it besides the movie looks awsome I am kind of upsest about lately I don’t care the movie will be rated G, PG, PG-13, or R.

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