Take this Waltz (2012)


Take This Waltz is a drama about a young married woman who falls for an artist who live across the street.

It’s sorta like my life, except I only go for old bitches. Older the better.

One synopsis I read of the film says the woman is really only interested in the honeymoon period of her relationships, which is what EVERYONE likes, but the rest of us also like the other good stuff, like watching the girl clean the house, make me sandwiches and shutting up when I say.

I think there may be a reason I’m single…

Oh yeah, bitches are crazy.

The film is supposed to be both funny and bittersweet. Like butterscotch.

Take This Waltz

Interestingly, Take This Waltz was written and directed by Sarah Polley, who was the lead in Dawn of the Dead, and one of the main characters in Splice. She’s actually directed before, with Away from Her, and she has a bit more experience, but I didn’t realize she was a director. I guess she’s not just another pretty face.

Take This Waltz Trailer

Take This Waltz Release Date

Limited release on June 29, 2012.


Who’s In It?

  Michelle Williams … Margot
  Seth Rogen … Lou Rubin
  Sarah Silverman … Geraldine
  Aaron Abrams … Aaron Rubin
  Luke Kirby … Daniel
  Jennifer Podemski … Karen
  Graham Abbey … James
  Danielle Miller
  Matt Baram
  Vanessa Coelho … Tony
  Diane D’Aquila
  Avi Phillips
  Diane Flacks
  Albert Howell
  Jean-Michel Le Gal
  Dustin Peters

What’s Good About It?

I’m actually primarily interested in Take This Waltz because Sarah Polley directing. I want to see what she’s got. WHAT YOU GOT? HUH?

What’s Bad About It?

Michelle Williams is good, though I think a bit overrated. And Seth Rogen is probably correctly judged by most people, as long as they think he’s a dick.

Our Clever Prediction

With a limited release I doubt Take This Waltz is going to do big numbers, but it does seem like a decent film. I hope it does well, but everyone gives credit to Williams instead of Rogen.