Stretch (2014) – A Limo Driver has a Long and Crazy Night


Stretch is a new action comedy about a limo driver who needs to take a crazy job to pay off his gambling debt. The job? Driving around a crazed billionaire with interesting appetites.

Patrick Wilson plays Stretch, and his life is sorta crap. He’s buried in debt, and not the nice kind that ruins your credit score. Rather, this is the debt that costs you your life. Kids: don’t gamble. Anyways, he has a super hot girlfriend, played by Brooklyn Decker, but she’s cheating on him and breaks up with him.

Stretch is having a rough go of it. So he calls his boss, strangely played by Jessica Alba (strange because it doesn’t appear to be a role where she shakes her ass, therefore nullifying her acting ability), and she offers him a job with a billionaire who tips really well, but doesn’t make the night easy for his drivers. Stretch takes the job.

What ensues is an insane night filled with violence and breaking the law. And a limo.


Stretch comes from Joe Carnahan, who is not only directing, but also wrote the screenplay, which is based on a story by Jerry Corley and Rob Rose.

Carnahan is best know for The Grey, Smokin’ Aces and The A-Team. He likes Liam Neeson, who isn’t in this… too bad.


Stretch Trailer

Stretch Release Date

October 7, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Patrick Wilson . . . “Stretch”
Chris Pine
Brooklyn Decker
Matthew Willig . . . Boris
Ray Liotta
James Badge Dale

What’s Good About It?

Stretch looks like it’ll be kinda good, and the cast is certainly above average. It’s actually surprising, given the cast, that Stretch isn’t getting a better release. It’s going straight to iTunes and Amazon. Probably because Patrick Wilson is the star. Don’t get me wrong, I like him, but he isn’t a box office draw.

What’s Bad About It?

I’d say the biggest issue with Stretch is Patrick Wilson, who is a very capable actor, but isn’t exactly the guy who can carry a movie.

Our Clever Prediction

Stretch isn’t going to be heard of by most folks, and will likely not be all that good. It looks insane and it could prove to be fun, but it could also prove to be a missed opportunity. Unfortunately, I’m anticipating the missed opportunity side to it. Oh well.