Spider-Man 4 News and Picture – New Spider-Man looks good


These new pictures for the less nerdier Spider-Man is making rounds today, and there’s a few questions that I have for you comic book nerds, after you check out the Spider-Man 4 pictures I have.

Spider-Man 4

Sorry Tobey fans, I like Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man , I think he’ll do fine. The question I have, as I look at this new Spider-Man pictures, is does anyone notice he has mechanical web slingers? I thought Peter Parker has web-making abilities as part of his power? Also, the design of the ‘spider’ has changed on the front of his costume.

Spider-Man 2012 images below :

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    1. Since the first three films ended in such a laim way and with them leaving so much out such as what will happen with the Lizard, did Doc Oc survive the river and was venom really that crap in the comics!
      When the next three films where announced it was likely the original cast would be replaced due to deals and conditions, at one point Nicholas Brendon who played Xander in Buffy was rumoured to be the next Spiderman. But recently it has come to light that both Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst have signed up and Sam Raimi will also be back to direct.
      Chances are that we will see at least two major villains in the next movie and one of those has been confirmed as Morbius. although this is a big surprise to most fans as he was always a minor villain in the comics it makes sense they also might try to introduce another love interest into the mix in the form of Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat.
      Although the Lizard would be an easy choice we need to remember they have to keep us interested for another three movies so they will try ans stretch it out and maybe re do Venom with balls this time round.

    2. this is a shocking film now toby was the best spidy ive ever seen why change evrything when spiderman 3 2 1 was great story line

    3. The reboot is terrible if all his stuff is techno what did the spiderbite do? Garfield is a good looking guy not a nerd but tobey looked perfect for the part and now we don’t get to see carnage? Really I waited 10 years for carnage and know poof he’s gone. The new logo looks like a bad guys logo not a superhero. So the green goblIn and doc ock never died now? Reboots ruin movies. Spiderman five will get robey back and pick up where they left off on spiderman 3 they will pretend spiderman 4 was a little funny bit or joke. That’s what I think cuz nobody can reboot spiderman it will ruin it . Oh and who will be the villains ? I will not waste my money on this movie I’ll got see the dark knight rises instead!

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