Spartacus – Mark Of The Brotherhood Review


Ep 108 ‘Mark Of Brotherhood’ – Batiatus purchases a fresh batch of slaves during an auction to be trained as gladiators and ponders the idea of selling Crixus.

Mark Of The Brotherhood

In Mark Of The Brotherhood, things are getting tense in the gladiator house. Crixus is healing, and takes an ass-kicking from Spartacus. Poor Crixus, he has fallen from grace, but still manages to bang Lucretia in the process while his true love Naevia watches.

Still, we have grown to like Crixus again, and he manages to save the life of Spartacus, which eventually leads to his sale being cancelled.

And what of Spartacus now? Almost as if he is turning to the ‘Dark Side’ , along with Varro. Interesting indeed.

Something is up, something big is on the way. Doctore is uncovering the murder of Barca, and it won’t be long until Ilithya’s involvement in the attempted murder of Spartacus is uncovered.

The Action

Mark Of The Brotherhood didn’t have a lot of action, but it uncovered much more details of the future, and what it may hold.

What’s bad about it?

A gladiator gets his penis cut off.

What I learned

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer

The Verdict

Mark Of The Brotherhood was another wonderful episode in the Spartacus series. Looking forward till next Monday!

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