Spartacus – Episode 6 : Delicate Things Review


The rain continues to stream down, the drought a memory, and Batiatus stands before his gladiators, heralding the new day that’s come.

He calls forth the Bringer of Rain, the Slayer of the Shadow of Death and the new Champion of Capua: Spartacus. The gladiators cheer wildly.

The cheers carry into the infirmary, where a bloody Crixus lies on a slab, barely conscious. Batiatus strolls through his villa with Spartacus and Lucretia, making grandiose claims of the empire he aims to build. He reveals to Spartacus the stunning news that Sura has been found, recently sold to a merchant.

Batiatus asserts that his promise is kept, that she is on her way to the Ludus. Spartacus is astonished, remarking on what an honorable man Batiatus is.

Even so, he tells his only friend Varro that once he is reunited with Sura, he plans for both of them to escape the Ludus, and he spells out an elaborate scheme to overcome the guards and to take advantage of the distraction at the Ludus caused by the celebration of Spartacus’ victory.

For his part, Barca has his own thoughts of freedom, for himself and for his lover Pietros. As Spartacus, in full armor stands ready to implement his plans for escape and prepares to welcome Sura, his scheme painfully unravels.

Spartacus : Delicate Things

This newest episode of Spartacus really threw things we thought for certain, for a loop. Crixus is alive, although critically wounded, and the dark side of BATIATUS is starting to shine through.

Spartacus is finally reunited with his wife, only to discover she has been fatally stabbed upon delivery. An ‘unfortunate’ attack by a rogue band of criminals. We soon discover Batiatus has arranged her murder, to the disgust and pleasure of his wife.

Speaking of Lucretia, she is fully topless for a few minutes in this episode of Spartacus. Lucy Lawless is going to have a lot of movie roles thrown her way after Spartacus is done.

Oh, and poor Barca… so close to getting freedom with his young lover only to be setup and murdered.

What I learned

Wine + Women = Good times

The Verdict

Although this episode is slower than the previous ones, because of a lack of battle, it makes up for it with an abundance of sex and nudity.

This series reminds of of the HBO original series Oz, with the deception and mind games that flow in the storyline.

Episode 6 : Delicate Things is teasing us with many promising new twists for the remaining episodes in the Spartacus series. Spartacus : Blood And Sand is still a great series, Delicate Things was another solid viewing.