Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Kill Them All – Season Finale Review


So this is it, Spartacus : Blood and Sand had it’s season finale tonight, and was appropriately named ‘Kill Them All’. What a wickedly entertaining series this has been, with many twists and turns, blood and guts, massive nakedness and turmoil. What have learned so far, where is this series heading, and did the final episode leave you wanting more?

The Finale

A clever season finale was bestowed upon us fans of Spartacus. Loose ends were tied up, alliances were formed and there was more blood shed than any previous episdode. Our characters we have grown to love, and hate, are mostly dead now. Gone is the vivacious character Lucretia, and the lovely Luce Lawless with her. Batiatus, who we loved to hate but still kept a piece of him in our hearts is also gone, and with him a huge part of the series.

That bitch Ilithyia got the last laugh, as she managed to escape the murderous gladiators. She managed to flee the building, and lock everyone inside during the process. And with only a shitty little smirk, that only she could pull off, her life has been saved. How exactly will she play into the future of the series?

The Gladiators took back their lives, taking vengeance on anyone in their path including innocent men and women who happen to be of the Romnan government. Spartacus gets his revenge, and a new love.. and yes.. a new friend in Crixus as well. The slaves flee the training grounds, making a pledge to topple Rome. A teaser?

Well, there was another 12 episodes to be made but Whitfield was stricken with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, so production has been halted. There may be another angle filmed in the meantime, but we haven’t any word on this either. Without Whitfield, the Spartacus franchise will be lost, there is no replacing him at this point.

So there we have it, the series came down to a cliffhanger. We hope the series continues forward with the health of its star, it has been a pretty entertaining ride thus far.

What’s Good About It?

The revenge was swift and quick.

What’s bad about it?

I felt bad for Lucretia, I thought Crixus would have spared her life and that of his unborn child.

What I learned

Always have a plan b, and an alternate escape route in your house.

The Verdict

Spartacus is done, the series is over, it was an entertaining ride till the end. We hope the series can find a way to continue on.

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