Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010) Party Favors Review


Episode 10 ‘Party Favors’ was another fantastic addition to this mini-series- Spartacus and Crixus are set up to fight in an exhibition match for Numerius’ birthday – but Crixus is intent on blood.

Party Favors indeed. The entire episode is full of backstabbing and double-crossing, with the queen bitch Lucretia behind the most incredible moment of the day. Not only does the blonde vixen take away the virginity of Numerius, but she arranges for the horny young lad to have Varro fight Spartacus, instead of Crixus.

The Truth

Party Favors tells us that Mira and Spartacus are surely going to end up together at some point. I was surprised to see Crixus that eager to kill Spartacus, I thought he was turning over a new leaf. However, Spartacus does tend to piss of Crixus enough, so I’m not entirely shocked at this plot.

Oh, and what do we make of Lucretia? Such an intelligent move to persuade the young Numerius to choose the opponent for Spartacus, and condemn him to death.

The Action

This episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand had very little action.

What’s bad about it?

I was getting to finally like Varro, and now he is dead.

What I learned

More often than not, a naked woman can make a man do anything she wants.

The Verdict

Spartacus: Party Favors was one of my favorite episodes to date, the plot thickens yet again.

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