Solace (2014)


Don’t you just hate it when you’re a psychic, and then find out the serial killer you’re hunting is also psychic? That’s the case in Solace!

Solace seems to be a thriller in every sense of the word. The cast is solid, with Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins doing the heavy lifting, and the concept of a doctor brought on to help solve a series of murders using his intelligence and psychic abilities is a good one. The twist that the killer also has psychic abilities and the two of them can see the other person’s move is also pretty decent, and while it reminds me a bit of Suspect Zero, though having Anthony Hopkins play a cat and mouse game with a serial killer, but NOT be Hannibal Lecter, is cool and should lead to a quality film when this is released in 2014.


Solace comes from director Afonso Poyart, who I believe only has Spanish language films to his name to date. Not great. Sean Bailey, Tim Griffin and Peter Morgan wrote the screenplay, with James Vanderbilt coming in as a script doctor to clean up whatever mess of a film they’d written. If I had to guess, and I will, their idea was likely great, but needed some Hollywood sanding to take off the rough edges and make as bland as possible.


Solace Trailer

Not yet.

Solace Release Date

TBA, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Anthony Hopkins . . . John Clancy
Colin Farrell
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Abbie Cornish

What’s Good About It?

Anthony Hopkins on the other side of the coin, stalking a smart serial killer with abilities beyond most of us mere mortals? Yeah, sign me up.

What’s Bad About It?

My only fear is director Afonso Poyart’s inexperience with English language films. He might not understand enough of the language to really rock this job.

Our Clever Prediction

I hope Solace turns out to be a home run. It would be awesome to see the film do really well, at least if the twist ending (come on, it’s gonna have a twist) actually lives up to the promise of the cast. If so, we might have a heck of a hit on our hands!