Small Time (2014) – A Used Car Salesman Reconnects with His Son

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Small Time is a comedy drama about a used car salesman reconnecting with his 18 year old son, who comes to work for him instead of going to college.

The kid is going against his mother’s wishes, who wants him to attend college and become a productive part of the workforce and all that jazz. As a PHD in Chemistry, Biology and Getting Down (okay, two PHDs in Getting Down), I can say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

So the kid reconnects with his dad, who isn’t just a used car salesman, but a slimey, dishonest one. So… he’s a regular one. Anyways, the dad and his business partner know every dirty trick in the book, and they teach these dirty tricks to the son, who proves to be ambitious and talented, but the dad doesn’t necessarily want his son to go down this path, tricking people and conning them legally into doing what he wants. So the dad has to finally do his thing (he’s been mostly absentee) and give his son some hard life lessons.

Small Time

Small Time comes from writer/director Joel Surnow, who was a creator of the TV show 24, and worked on a few other shows, though 24 was really his #1 bit of productive success.


Small Time Trailer

Small Time Release Date

April 18, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Dean Norris . . . Ash Martini 
Bridget Moynahan
Christopher Meloni . . . Al Klein 
Devon Bostick . . . Freddy Klein 
Amaury Nolasco . . . Barlow 
Xander Berkeley . . . Chick

What’s Good About It?

Well, I really like the cast. We have Dean Norris, Christopher Meloni and Bridget Moynahan, all of whom have proven capable in the past. I thought Moynahan would have had more success though. Still, she’s pretty and birthed a Tom Brady baby, so she has that going for her.

What’s Bad About It?

Small Time looks like just that: small time. I think it might be better than most people think, but it didn’t attract any truly A-list talent, so it might struggle a bit to find an audience or convince anyone that it’s truly good.

Our Clever Prediction

I think there’s a very good chance Small Time proves to be a charming if unremarkable film. I think I’ll enjoy it, but I’m not really salivating to see it. There’s nothing truly special about it.