Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Pics, Ant-Man casting, Muppets Most Wanted & Enemy Trailers & More!

sin city 2 feb 27

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For debuts new images, Ant-Man lands another actor, Muppets Most Wanted continues their winning streak of awesomeness, 300: Rise of an Empire focuses on the bad guys a bit more, A Million Ways to Die in the West launches a new poster, Rio 2 makes a case for this being Bruno Mars’ best year ever, Enemy goes red band and intense in a new trailer, and Sabotage actually doesn’t look as bad as it has for a while now!

Sin City: A Dame to Kill

Sin City: A Dame to Kill has two new photos today, and it’s clear the film knows we’re all looking forward to the return of Jessica Alba as a super hot babe, which she is, and definitely looks like, in this new photo. The other one shows returning Mickey Rourke as Marv, and Joseph Gordon Levitt as… someone fresh and new. Whatever that means. Honestly, who cares? Look at Jessica Alba! YOWZA!
sin city 2 feb 27sin city 2 feb 271


It appears Nightowl will be in Ant-Man. Well, at least the actor, Patrick Wilson. There’s no word on who he’ll actually play, but I’m hoping for another go as a lame Batman with erectile dysfunction. Cause I like to see dudes that resemble me.

I mean the lame Batman part, not the penis-failure…

Muppets Most Wanted

I have to continue giving Muppets Most Wanted credit: their marketing is funny and on the nose. The green nose… Kermit’s… never mind. Anyways, there’s a funny new trailer about them doing a sequel, and how the sequels are never as good as the original, and it’s actually pretty good, so bravo to them.

We’re Doing a Sequel – Muppets Most Wanted Music Video on Disney Video

300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire has a new video featurette that really focuses on the bad guys this time around, and it’s a solid video. I think one of my issues with the sequel is that it does show more of the villains, whereas the original only gave brief glimpses of their strangeness and left the film to the badass good guys and the action. That said, they’re doing a very good job of showing the two main villains, Artemsia the female Persian naval leader, and Xerxes, the God Kind whom she manipulates into war. It’s very interesting, and I think there’s a good chance both characters will prove to be fascinating when the film comes out.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

A Million Ways to Die in the West has a new poster that is sorta boring, except for the part with Charlize Theron looking hot as hell. She’s really keeping it tight. And yes, I mean that in the nastiest, butt sex kinda way possible.
a million ways to die in the west feb 27

Rio 2

Rio 2 has a new film clip that shows that even in the animated animal kingdom singers are overly dramatic a-holes who steal MY GIRLFRIEND. Just kidding. I’m the overly dramatic one, and I stole YOUR MOM.

I once gave your mom the ol’ parrot technique. Which is to say I repeated everything she said until she’d have sex with me. It took a while though. 2 minutes. Yo’ momma’s a ho.


Enemy has a new trailer today that is short but really intense. I’m actually impressed by how well Jake Gyllenhaal is acting in this. Normally I find him to be sorta boring on screen. It’s probably the deadness behind his eyes, but in this he looks really intense and sorta scary. So that works. Intense and cool. Sweet.


Sabotage has a new trailer today, and I was all prepared to say really shitty things about it, and how it’s lame and stupid, but they mostly avoid the acting in the film and focus on the halfway decent story, which is that a member of a DEA team stole $10 million from a cartel during a bust, and the cartel is now coming after them. I like that the cartel is shown to be essentially unstoppable. That’s actually a very cool thing for a film, to have a relentless enemy that’s based on true stuff, but it might make Sabotage work as a film. So… bravo, Sabotage.