Shazam! (2016) – The Rock as the Villainous Black Adam!


Shazam! is a new DC superhero film about a young orphaned boy who is selected by a wizard to become a superhero when he utters the word, “SHAZAM!”

Billy Batson is an angry young kid. He’s an orphan and pretty much nothing has ever gone his way. If the film adheres to the latest comic book depiction of Batson, he’ll go to live with a new foster family and won’t really fit in. He’s been through a few foster homes and doesn’t expect much from them.

But there’s an ancient and horrible evil brewing. A power that has been dormant for millennia.

Black Adam.

And there is only one power that can stand against Black Adam, and that is Shazam. But Shazam is a power and needs a host. Someone needs to be in the driver’s seat. An ancient wizard once selected the wrong man to take on the power of Shazam. This wrong person is Black Adam. After a great battle many thousands of years ago in Egypt, where Black Adam became a pharaoh, he was finally imprisoned. But he’s awakening, and the Earth needs a protector.

The wizard is old and must find a new champion, and Billy Batson, the angry young man who few would believe is capable of being a hero, is selected. It seems Billy has the heart necessary to be a hero, even if he’s angry at this moment. He fights for the underdog and will never let a bully win. His foster siblings, whom he doesn’t even like, are picked on at school, and the bullies get what’s coming to them.

So will Black Adam.

At least, that’s how I’d write the film.


Shazam! Comes from writers Geoff Johns (a very popular comic book writer) and screenwriter Bill Birch. Peter Segel may or may not still be attached to direct. The film is still very much in the early stages of production, with only The Rock cast as of now.


Shazam! Trailer

No trailer for Shazam! yet.

Shazam! Release Date

August 5, 2016.

Who’s In It?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson… Black Adam

What’s Good About It?

Shazam! has The Rock as Black Adam. Outstanding casting, though he was long rumored for both that role and for the role of Shazam himself. The kid, Billy, says “SHAZAM!” and transforms into an adult superhero that is everything a kid would want to be. In a lot of ways, the Rock would’ve been a much better choice for Shazam, as he’s what every kid, and myself as an adult, would want to be. He’s charismatic, good looking and built like a Greek God, one of whom he recently played. That said, Black Adam is basically an evil version of Shazam, so he’ll be a good choice for the bad guy too.

What’s Bad About It?

No negatives at the moment.

Our Clever Prediction

Shazam! should, by all rights, be a huge success. It has all the trappings of a sweet film, and should have big action scenes and a solid story about a young orphan learning to trust a new family. That said, the character is nowhere near as well known as Batman or Superman, and it could fly under a lot of people’s radars.

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