Shame (2011)


Shame is about a 30-something man who has trouble managing his sex life. I have that problem too. Cause women can’t get enough of me.

Totally true. Anyways, Brandon struggles because he bangs pretty much everything in sight, but when his sister moves in with him, his life really spirals out of control.

I’m lucky. No sisters.


Shame is being directed by Steve McQueen. Before you get too excited, it isn’t the badass actor Steve McQueen. But it is the Steve McQueen that directed Michael Fassbender in Hunger, which was his big breakout film. And they’re back on Shame, and Carey Mulligan has been added into the mix! Awesome blossom!

Shame Trailer

Shame Release Date

Limited Release on December 2, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Michael Fassbender … Brandon
  Carey Mulligan … Sissy
  James Badge Dale … David
  Amy Hargreaves … Hotel Lover
  Hannah Ware … Samantha
  Nicole Beharie … Marianne
  Elizabeth Masucci … Suited Woman
  Lucy Walters … Pretty subway girl
  Briana Marin … Cocktail Server
  Charisse Bellante … Web Cam Girl
  Anna Rose Hopkins … Flirty Girl

What’s Good About It?

Great actors, good director, good looking trailer. I’m thinking we can spend a couple hours in worse ways. Not me, cause I always spend my time wisely, but you guys should see this film. I recommend it.

What’s Bad About It?

I got nothing.

Our Clever Prediction

Shame will likely not make much money, but it will be good, get some good reviews, and make me happy. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Making just me (ONLY ME) happy.



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