Scarface (2015)

New Scarface Movie
New Scarface Movie

So, before you jump on me for pushing out the news on the new Scarface movie, their is a little bit to talk about. First, the new Scarface Movie is a retelling of the script, it really isn’t a remake. Secondly, the Scarface Pacino was legendary in was actually based on a script from 1932… so it wasn’t that original at the time either. However, Tony Montana still lives on to this day, but there’s some other news for the film as well.

Scarface 2015

There isn’t a lot to tell you at this point, but I have a couple of interesting tidbits. Firstly, Tony Montana won’t be in the new Scarface movie. The film is bringing elements from the Brian De Palma classic, and the original movie. The main character will be Mexican this time around, not Cuban… I guess this makes sense with that whole drug situation going on in Mexico.. right? Seems more relevant to this day and age I suppose, so I’m down with that.

Martin Bregman is writing the new Scarface movie, he also did the 1983 version of the film, plus Carlito’s Way etc. I guess this is wicked news, since we know Bregman won’t compromise very much in the retelling of this legendary movie. No word if “Say hello to my little friend” is going to be in the new Scarface movie.

Scarface Release Date

Summer 2015 at the earliest

Who’s In It?

No casting rumors up to this point, but what latino male do you think would best fit this role?

What’s Good About It?

The original writer is back, I suppose Scarface could use an update for today’s generation.

What’s Bad About It?

Remakes… and Tony Montana won’t be in it.

Our Clever Prediction

A new Scarface Movie will gets lots of hype, and lots of attention.. but its hard for us who love the 1983 version to get excited about a possible remake of the film without Tony Montana in it.