Save the Date (2012)

save the date

Save the Date is a romantic comedy that tries to be as realistic as possible while also being entertaining. The story follows two sisters, one of whom is getting married and is completely bonkers about her wedding, the other recently turned down a foolish proposal by her musician boyfriend who proposes in front of a huge venue of people.

Sarah is the sister who rejected her boyfriend’s proposal. Her relationship had been going well, but it of course ends quite abruptly with her rejection. She soon finds herself in a new relationship with Jonathan, who’s a nice, good guy who might be a better match for her, but their relationship might be doomed because it’s so clearly a rebound.

Beth is the other sister, and she might be rushing into her marriage. She seems more concerned with having fun planning the nuptials, and less concerned with if her relationship is ready for this step.


Save the Date

Michael Mohan is directing Save the Date, and he cowrote the screenplay. Mohan has some experience, and he’s been around for a while, but this is a big chance for him, so cross your fingers that he can pull this off, or HIS CAREER IS OVER.


Save the Date Trailer

Movie Release Date

December 14, 2012.

Who’s In It?

 Lizzy Caplan … Sarah
  Alison Brie … Beth
  Martin Starr … Andrew
  Geoffrey Arend … Kevin
  Mark Webber … Jonathan
  Timothy Busfield … Benjie
  Jessica Morris … Cindy/girl
  Melonie Diaz … Isabelle
  Robin Riker … Aunt Mary
  Kristin Slaysman … Michelle
  Grant Harvey … Trevor
  Elizabeth Ho … Saleswoman
  Lauren Nash … Supercute Fan
  Devin Barry … Soul Patch
  Ashli Dowling … Melissa
  Malika Williams … Bookstore Patron
  Kristen Riley … Checkout Girl
  Camille Banham … Bridal Shower Guest
  Rich Cooper … Rabbi
  Ray Conchado … Steppenwolf
  Brian Tanaka … Club Employee
  Lucas Durham … Bookstore Customer
  Jenna Johnson … Cute Girl
  Kris Benton … Bookstore Girl
  Emily Habeck … Bookstore Girl
  Aaron R. Smith … Doctor
  Max Perry … Bookstore Boy
  Robert Reinhardt … Spencer

What’s Good About It?

The stars of Save the Date are absolutely phenomenal. Lizzy Caplan is in a good spot to be the next Zooey Deschanel, and Alison Brie has huge tits. Big points. Both of them…

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t have any real negatives right now, though Save the Date’s director might be too inexperienced to handle the film.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t see Save the Date making huge bucks at the box office, especially as it’ll be released VOD in November before its December theatrical release, but it looks like a great date movie. It might do quite well for the size and scope of the film.

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