Sabotage (2014) – Arnold Schwarzenegger Fights Drug Cartels

sabotage dec 19

Sabotage is a new Arnold Schwarzenegger action film. He plays a DEA agent who’s good at his job and leads an elite team. When they take down a big drug cartel they think their work is done, but then members of the team are eliminated one after another.

But there’s more to the story than that. There’s backstabbing and intrigue of course! The big drug bust they take part in had millions upon millions confiscated. And 10 million goes missing. Schwarzenegger didn’t steal it, but it’s possible one of his men did. Now he has to figure out which of his men are loyal, and which are not. Part of what makes this so dangerous is that there are potentially some good agents who are scared and out to defend themselves, and they can’t be sure Schwarzenegger isn’t the bad guy too. Who can they trust?

This elite squad has some work to do. They should go on a wilderness retreat to work on team building and trust.


Sabotage comes from director David Ayer, who cowrote the screenplay with Skip Woods. Ayer made Harsh Times and End of Watch, which were both supposed to be pretty gritty looks at the DEA world. Woods wrote Swordfish, the first Wolverine film and The A-Team movie. So he pretty much sucks ass.


Sabotage Trailer

Sabotage Release Date

April 11, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sam Worthington
Terrence Howard
Dawn Olivieri
Joe Manganiello . . . Grinder
Olivia Williams

What’s Good About It?

Sabotage has a pretty darn good cast, which shows the power of having Schwarzenegger at the lead. He might not be the leading man he once was, but he still has the clout to get Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard and Olivia Williams in a basic looking flick.

What’s Bad About It?

Unfortunately, Schwarzenegger is not what he used to be. I still like him, but his star power has dropped considerably. He needs to prove himself to be a draw yet again. He has another Terminator coming at some point, which will no doubt help, but I’m not sure he can make this work.

Our Clever Prediction

The trailer for Sabotage isn’t actually half bad, and looks pretty cool. I like Schwarzenegger’s look in the film. It’s a lot more badass than his normal “I have big muscles” thing, and I like the cast. Maybe he’ll be able to prove his once legendary box office drawing power is still alive and well.