Runaways (2012)


Marvel’s ‘Runaways‘ is to begin filming in 2011, which means a 2012 release date for this dark story about an odd collaboration of superheros.

Runaways follows a group of teenagers who discover that their parents are actually a group of super villains named ‘The Pride’, a messed up group of parents who commit horrendous acts from time to time.

The Official Scoop

Warning, this is the actual scoop and contains some spoilers

The teens who became the Runaways found that some family secrets are bigger than others when they witnessed their parents, part of a cabal known as the Pride, murdering a young girl during a secret sacrificial ritual. Running away from their homes, the group banded together and began a journey of discovery, both of their parents’ origins and of their own inherited powers. Arsenic
found she could control her time-traveling parents’ dinosaur, which she named Old Lace; Sister Grimm took her mother’s magical Staff of One, with which she could cast any spell, but only once; the mutant Bruiser found that with puberty came super strength; Lucy in the Sky learned that she was an alien with energy powers; Talkback took several of his mad scientist parents’ weapons; however, Alex Wilder, possessing only his own natural genius, retained use of his real name.

Forced to fight their parents at various points, the group was even framed for the murder of the girl whom they had earlier witnessed their parents sacrificing. Taking an old abandoned mansion which they called the Hostel as their new home, the Runaways set about clearing their name. Breaking up a robbery, the group welcomed a new member, a teen named Topher who claimed his parents forced him to help them with their crimes. Topher, in actuality a vampire born at the turn of the 20th century, set about seducing both Sister Grimm and Lucy in the Sky, but was killed when he attempted to drink Lucy’s solar-irradiated alien blood. The Pride then exposed his followers to sunlight, killing them as well.

Using their more legitimate connections the Pride convinced Cloak and Dagger to come to California and collect their kids. After a misunderstanding, most of the Runaways ended up inside of Cloak’s cloak dimension, leaving only Bruiser and Arsenic to rescue them. Upon explaining their situation, the Runaways convinced Cloak and Dagger of their innocence, and the duo promised to call Captain America to help them, although their memories were erased by the Pride before they could do so. The discovery of the Hostel by the police, whom the Pride had in their pocket, forced the Runaways to take the battle to their parents once more.

Discovering their parents served ancient beings known as the Gibborim who intended to re-create the Earth using the Pride as their catalysts and repopulators, the Runaways found the location where the Pride intended to sacrifice the soul of the girl they had murdered. Confronting their parents, the Runaways were shocked when Alex Wilder revealed his alliance with the Pride. Despite the defection, the Runaways were able to free the young girl’s soul, causing the Gibborim to attack and apparently slay Alex and the Pride. Narrowly escaping, the group met Captain America
, who had them placed in foster homes and orphanages; Bruiser was enrolled at the Xavier Institute.

Missing each other, the group again ran away and agreed to stay together as Runaways. Rescuing Arsenic’s dinosaur, Old Lace, and taking Talkback’s parents’ giant vehicle, the Leapfrog, the group set out, determined to make something more of their new family. With the death of the Pride, Los Angeles’ ‘protected’ status was ended, and super-villains began flock to the unprotected city. With no one else to do the job, the Runaways returned to L.A. to protect it. They have fought Swarm, theWrecking Crew, and, perhaps in their biggest struggle to date, a new Pride formed of Alex Wilder’s online friends, led by a resurrected Geoffrey Wilder.

Movie Release Date

Runaways hits theaters summer 2012

Who’s In It?

Nobody confirmed yet

What’s Good About It?

Some folks like the dark side of superhero stories, Runaways is exactly that.

What’s Bad About It?

What if the film resembles Watchmen, a film I despised?

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  1. Done well, this is going to be one of the most memorable movies of 2011. It’s all teenaged angst and supervillains, which has, IMHO, played well for the past 40 years.

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