Rio 2 (2014)

rio 2

Rio 2 is a new animated sequel to 2011’s hit kids flick Rio. This time, Blu and his lady love Jewel have three kids of their own, and they live in a magical city. Fun fact: there are no magical cities in Canada. Only origin points for the apocalypse. Cause there’s a hole from hell that lets demons escape. Hence the residents.

Oddly, Joss Whedon stole that premise for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but he reimagined it as a California town. Oh well.

Anyways, in Rio 2 Jewel decides she’s not happy with where she and Blu live, since the kids aren’t learning to live like real birds. So the decision is made, probably by the lady, that they need to leave for the Amazon. Not, cause that would be nicer. Nope, this is the one with animals and plants and danger.

N’ stuff.

Thus begins an adventure.

Rio 2

Rio 2 should have pretty consistent quality with the first film, as Carlos Sandanha is once again in the director’s chair, and he’s working with Don Rhymer, who wrote the first Rio. Rhymer also wrote for the Big Momma’s House films. So he’s really talented.


Rio 2 Trailer

Rio 2 Release Date

April 11, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Jesse Eisenberg . . . Blu
Anne Hathaway . . . Jewel
Leslie Mann . . . Linda
Jamie Foxx . . . Nico
Rodrigo Santoro . . . Tulio
Andy Garcia . . . 

What’s Good About It?

I never actually saw Rio, but it was about a bird that couldn’t fly because he was a whimp. So he learned to fly by the end I suppose, and now he’s sorta happy and has a better life. Anyways, it’s a nice enough concept, and this one seems good for the family aspect.

What’s Bad About It?

I’m not really a Jesse Eisenberg fan.

Our Clever Prediction

I expect Rio 2 will make a whole mess a’ money. I’d guess several hundred million, and then we’ll all live in a Rio world.

Come on. It’s an animated sequel to a successful film. Duh.