Ride Along 2

Ride Along 2 Poster

So Ride Along 2 is happening, nobody really knows why. Oh wait, that original pile of junk Ride Along did 150 Million at the box office, so that’s why they are making as sequel.  The new Ride Along movie brings back Kevin Hart, in the only role he knows how to play, as a wound up black man, who gets no respect. I actually don’t mind Kevin Hart (as if he cares what I feel) but c’mon, he’s a better comedian than the terrible roles they give him in the movies. The same role over and over again isn’t doing him much justice, and it’s not like Ice Cube has any street cred left either.

The plot for Ride Along 2 really hasn’t been leaked yet, but we know Hart is now a cop, as he finished his police Academy training in the first film. How deep are the plots in these movies anyways?

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Ride Along 2
Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Ride Along 2

Who’s In Ride Along 2?

Most of the original cast is back : Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Benjamin Bratt, Olivia Munn, and Ken Jeong

Release Date :  January 15, 2016

Movie Prediction : Ride Along 2 will be terrible, but still manage to crack 70 million at the box office. People don’t go to the theaters for sequels any more, they rent them at home…..