Retreat (2012)


Retreat is about a young couple who are hoping to get away from it all by renting a place on a remote island. When a wounded soldier shows up on their front door and tells them there’s a global pandemic, things take a turn for the worse.

The soldier seems a bit crazy, and starts boarding up the place and eventually keeps the couple hostage, as he is trying to keep them safe. The island, being remote, isn’t getting a signal in or out, so there’s no real way of knowing if the guy is nuts or not. Tensions ramp up. Things get crazy.


Carl Tibbets cowrote and directed Retreat, and this is his first film. Janice Hallett is the other writer, and this is also her first film. I smell Oscar!

Or crap. They both smell so good to me.

Retreat Trailer

Retreat Release Date

TBA 2012.


Who’s In It?

Jamie Bell
Cillian Murphy
Thandie Newton

What’s Good About It?

I like the cast, and the story seems pretty cool. There’s a ton of room for suspense, and maybe it’ll turn out the soldier isn’t crazy, and the world has gone to crap.

What’s Bad About It?

With Retreat being the first film for the writers and director, I think the potential of the story/concept could be squandered. It takes a quality storyteller to make a good film.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m hopeful that Retreat will be a good film, and a cult classic. I seriously doubt it’ll be a commercial success. I doubt it was expensive, so it might make some money, and if the director is really talented it might be the start of a big career. Fingers are crossed.