Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Alice is back one last time

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Movie Poster
Resident Evil Movie Poster

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the final movie in the Resident Evil franchise. While details are somewhat scarce, the story is loosely based on the idea that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will see characters Alice, Jill, Claire, Leon, Chris, Claire, and more infiltrate the Hive, where they must stop the Red Queen from destroying the entire human race.

RELEASE DATE: Spring 2016

STUDIO: Screen Gems (Sony)

DIRECTOR: Paul W.S. Anderson

STARRING: Milla JovovichWentworth Miller

Resident Evil 6 Trailer

No trailer  yet.

What’s Good About It?

Resident Evil has delivered pretty solid action and moments, and Jovovich is a babe in black tights. I like women in black tights.

What’s Bad About It?

The franchise has run it’s course, in more ways than one. Resident Evil has run out of great stories, and Alice’s abilities are sort of in the ‘superhero’ category now. The 3D was rather atrocious, and the acting thus far has been suspect. Wentworth Miller brings nothing to the series, he should hope for a Prison Break reunion, because he isn’t much good in any other role.

Our Clever Prediction

We know the nerds will flock to any Resident Evil movie, but this time around I wouldn’t be surprised to see a stinker.