Red Lights (2012)


Red Lights is a supernatural thriller about a psychologist and her assistant investigating a world renowned psychic.

At first glance, Red Lights looks a lot like The Awakening, which I previewed a few weeks ago. That’s because they are a lot alike. The biggest difference is that The Awakening takes place during WWI. Red Lights is contemporary.

Margaret Matheson is a smart cookie. She goes around debunking myths about psychics. Mostly she shows how they do their tricks, either through high tech trickery, such as having an ear piece with info fed to the ‘psychic’ or through other means, but she is able to show much of this stuff is hogwash. Or hokum.

Anyways, the psychologist and her assistant Tom decide to investigate Simon Silver, who is a world-renowned psychic, and has been in seclusion for 30 years. And shit gets real.

They come close to losing their grasp on reality, as more and more insane stuff happens. Could Silver be the real deal? Or just a really good fake? Dun dun duh!

Red Lights

Rodrigo Cortes wrote and directed Red Lights. His last film was Buried, which was about Ryan Reynolds getting buried alive. He has quite a few other films in his past, either as writer or editor, but they were mostly Spanish-language, so I can’t attest to their quality.

Red Lights Trailer

Red Lights Release Date

TBA, 2012.


Who’s In It?

Robert De Niro … Simon Silver
Cillian Murphy … Tom Buckley
Elizabeth Olsen … Sally Owen
Sigourney Weaver … Margaret Matheson
Joely Richardson … Monica Handsen
Toby Jones … Dr. Shackleton

What’s Good About It?

The cast is superb. I really like Cillian Murphy. Sigourney Weaver is a legend for a reason. Robert Deniro is, obviously, pretty good. I didn’t actually see Buried, so I don’t know about the director, but I heard it was surprisingly good considering how limited the film was because of the concept.

What’s Bad About It?

The two trailers above are all I’ve seen so far, and while they look cool. The fuller one is in some strange language. “Strange” here meaning “not American.”

So that makes things somewhat difficult.

Our Clever Prediction

I think Red Lights will be successful, but not a runaway smash hit. I think it’ll be good though, and as long as DeNiro isn’t just phoning in his performance (see: everything he’s made lately) I think this might be a really cool, highly suspenseful film with just enough exciting stuff to be awesome. I’m hopeful. Cillian Murphy doesn’t really let me down very often. And, based on the trailer, Sigourney Weaver has STILL GOT IT! Booyah.