Rampart (2011)


Rampart is a gritty police drama set in the 1990s, and centers on a police officer who is suspected of a whole lot of bad behavior, even as he tries to survive the mean streets and take care of his family.

First, from the trailer and what I’ve read, the cop, Dave Brown (played by Woody Harrelson) isn’t exactly a good guy. I think he might be a bit of an abusive prick who mistreats his ex, and beats the crap out of black people because he’s racist.

Oh, and the tag line of the film is, “The most corrupt cop you’ve ever seen on screen.” So he’s a jerk.


Oren Moverman, who wrote the sorta-Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There, wrote and directed Rampart. He was also attached for a time to an unconventional Kurt Cobain biopic, which might have been similar to I’m Not There, but he dropped out of that, likely because Courtney Love is two scoops of batshit crazy.

He also wrote and directed The Messanger, which garnered Woody Harrelson an Academy Award Nomination, and he got a nomination out of it himself for Best Original Screenplay. The Messenger also starred Ben Foster, who has a part in Rampart as well. Good stuff.

Rampart Trailer

Rampart Release Date

November 23, 2011. Limited release to begin. Maybe it’ll expand, but expect to rent it later.


Who’s In It?

 Jon Bernthal
  Steve Buscemi … Bill Blago
  Woody Harrelson … Dave Brown
  Sigourney Weaver … Joan Confrey
  Robin Wright … Linda Fentress
  Ben Foster … General Terry
  Brie Larson … Helen
  Anne Heche … Catherine
  Ice Cube … Kyle Timkins
  Ned Beatty
  Cynthia Nixon
  Jon Foster … Michael Whittaker
  Robert Wisdom … Captain
  Don Creech … Head Shark Lawyer
  Stella Schnabel … Jane
  Chuti Tiu … Shark Lawyer #1
  Matt McTighe … Young Detective
  Sammy Boyarsky … Margaret Brown

What’s Good About It?

This combination of actors and writer/director has yielded some great results in the past, and the reviews for Rampart thus far have been absolutely outstanding, with a very real possibility that Woody Harrelson winning an Academy Award. This bodes well.

What’s Bad About It?

Honestly, I’ve got nothing bad to say. Maybe I’ll think too highly of the film?

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt Rampart will make much money, but with Academy Award nominations it might end up doing pretty darn well. Be on the lookout for it come award season.