Ragnarok (2014) – Norwegian Indiana Jones finds a Dragon!


Ragnarok is a Norwegian thriller about an archeologist who uncovers the secret behind a Viking ship that’s baffled scientists for centuries. This ship holds a dark secret. One he’ll wish he hadn’t found.

So there’s this real life viking ship called the Oseberg ship that was discovered about 100 years ago. It was at a burial ground and has been dated to have been around since 834 AD. So it’s older n’ shit. Ragnarok takes this real ship and the inscription it had, “man knows little” and makes it about a dragon or some other sort of mythical beast. It might be a bit of the ol’ Grendal from Beowulf, but this is more or less what it is. The film has an archeologist studying the ship who takes his family on a trip to the original site of the ship, and he thinks he’ll find the secret to Ragnarok, which is the apocalypse for Vikings. But the true secret is some sort of monster. Maybe a dragon. Maybe it’s the Loch Ness monster. I don’t know. This is that kinda story.


Ragnarok is so Norwegian the director’s name is Mikkel Brænne Sandemose. Yeah. The “A” and “E” in his middle name are all smushed together. He’s THAT Norwegian. I’m allowed to make fun of that since I’m part Norwegian. I’ve never heard of his few other works, but Sandemose doesn’t have too much history. Hopefully he’s an up and comer amongst Norwegian filmmakers.

John Kåre Raake wrote the screenplay. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT CIRCLE OVER THE A?


Ragnarok Trailer

Ragnarok Release Date

August 15, 2014

Who’s In It?

Pål Sverre Hagen – Sigurd Svendsen
Nicolai Cleve Broch – Allan
Bjørn Sundquist – Leif
Sofia Helin – Elisabeth

What’s Good About It?

Ragnarok has some decent looking special effects, and the story has elements we haven’t seen a million and one times before. You don’t get a lot of Viking stories, and you get even fewer with a Norwegian director.

What’s Bad About It?

Well, it’s Norwegian for one. I’m the best thing they ever produced, so you can imagine I have little faith in their art. But it has a monster, so… cool.

Our Clever Prediction

Ragnarok won’t be a big hit. It’s hitting theaters and On Demand at the same time, and will likely be heard of by few, but still cool. I expect it’ll make a decent return, since it probably wasn’t too expensive. Hopefully someone is getting rich. Some nice person. A Norwegian.