Quartet (2012)


Quartet is the first movie legendary actor Dustin Hoffman has ever directed. As such, it will no doubt be SHIT.

Oh. Maybe not. It’s actually about a group of opera singers who live in a quaint old folk’s home for opera singers who find another chance at being great. They’re called back up to the big show. It’s sorta like Space Cowboys, but with Opera.

The group of singers have something of a past with one another, with some replacing others and a fair bit of backstabbing to get to the top (ain’t that always how it goes?) so they’re not all friends. Some were married once upon a time, and they have to find a way to be okay with their successful pasts and enjoy today.

It’s not going to work out.


Dustin Hoffman is the director, and I won’t bother telling you of his classic films. Except for Meet the Fockers. That’s the best one.

Ronald Harwood wrote the screenplay, as well as the play the film is based upon. Goodee.


Quartet Trailer

Movie Release Date

December 28, 2012.

Who’s In It?

 Michael Gambon … Cedric
  Maggie Smith … Jean
  Billy Connolly … Wilf
  Pauline Collins … Cissy
  Sheridan Smith … Dr. Lucy Cogan
  Tom Courtenay … Reginald
  Andrew Sachs … Bobby Swanson
  Trevor Peacock
  David Ryall
  Luke Newberry … Simon
  Eline Powell … Angelique
  Jumayn Hunter … Joey
  Sarah Crowden
  Dame Gwyneth Jones¹ … Ann Langley
  Denis Khoroshko … Driver Tadek
  Michael Volpe … Sceneshifter
  David Christian … Resident
  Patricia Loveland … Letitia
  Colin Bradbury … Olly Fisher
  Kent Olesen … Lars

What’s Good About It?

Quartet has a frickin’ amazing cast of old folks, and Dustin Hoffman is a legend. If he’s half as good a director as an actor, this film will be decent.

Cause he’d only be half as good as a director. If he’s equally good the film will be badass as shit.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t like opera singing very much.

Our Clever Prediction

I highly doubt Quartet will make a ton of money, but it’s not that type of film, and it’s release right at the end of the year means the filmmakers are looking for awards, which it might get. There are some true Hollywood legends here, and the Award folks might be looking to honor them, and this could be their last chance. Cause these people might die.

Also, it has Michael Gambon and Maggie Smith, aka Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter! It’s like a reunion!

Actually, it is a reunion. Just watch the film and think that it’s really their Harry Potter characters undercover. That makes this so much more interesting…