Plush (2013): Emily Browning stars in new R-rated Erotic Thriller

Plush Still 4

Plush is a new silly-looking R-rated thriller about a woman who has lots of sex and then regrets all of it, i.e. the story of every woman ever. It’s directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the first Twilight movie. Like that film, this one is aimed largely at women, but more specifically, it’s targeted at women who’ve grown out of silly vampire romances, and are now more into some old fashioned, hardcore sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll; the traditional values upon which America was built.

The Story

Young Rock Star Hayley loses her brother and band mate to a drug overdose, which throws her life off track. Her second album, named ‘Plush’ receives lukewarm reception from critics and listeners alike, presumably because of the stupid name. Luckily, she finds fresh excitement in her life through Enzo, the replacement guitarist. Her musical collaboration quickly turns from creative stimulation to a sexual one, as she is unable to resist the charms of the dreamy guitarist.

But as soon as she gains sense from her drug-induced haze, and remembers that she is married with two children, she retreats from her affair, deeply regretting her sexcapades. Things turn out to be far more troubled when she finds out Enzo has a dark past that can her and her family in harm’s way.

The Cast

Emily Browning as Hayley. Hardwicke first met her when she was auditioning for Bella in Twilight. How bad was she to lose out to Kristen Stewart?

Xavier Samuel as Enzo. He played Riley in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Cam Gigandet as Carter

Dawn Olivieri as Annie

Thomas Dekker as Jack

Frances Fisher as Camila

Elizabeth Pena as Dr. Lopez

Marlene Forte as Dr. Ortiz

Release Date

It’s getting a limited release to theaters full of empty chairs on September 13, 2013.



The Good Stuff

The…sex? This movie is not for me, and the only thing I can enjoy here is all the nudity and sexy body-grinding.

The Bad Stuff

It’s sleazy schlock for people who’re still interested in watching dumb erotic thrillers, but I don’t see any reason for this genre to survive.

Our Sexy Prediction

This will be watched by the few people who follow the film’s twitter, but will quickly, and brutally be forgotten.