Playing it Cool (2014) – Captain America Ditches Heroism for Love

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Playing it Cool is a new romantic comedy starring Captain America and Woody Harrelson’s wife from True Detective about a screenwriter who wants to write an action film, but gets hired to write a romanic comedy.

But GET THIS: the guy doesn’t really believe in love! OMG! He’s like, totes going to eat all his words when he, a little bit later in the film, falls in love with a girl.

Enter Woody Harrelson’s wife from True Detective. She’s hot. Great ass. Cute smile. Funny. They flirt at a party, and just as they’re really hitting it off… BAM. She has a BOYFRIEND!

OMFG! I added the F for FUCKING because this is so FUCKING CRAZY!

What’s he going to do? Be her friend. WHAT A GOOD IDEA! Cause guys and girls can TOTALLY be friends!

But then they bang. Uh oh. And it’s doubly awkward, cause he used to be the Human Torch, and the boyfriend was Mr. Fantastic. So if he’s banging Mr. Fantastic’s girl, then by the transitive properties… he’s banging his sister!

Captain America is a FREAK!

And I am a dork for having far too many ways to look at this film based on prior movies.

Playing it Cool

Playing it Cool comes from director Justin Reardon, and it’s his first feature length film. He did direct a short film called Zoltan: The Hungarian Gangster of Love, so he definitely has a talent for picking interesting sounding films… but not much else.

Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair are pretending to be screenwriters by putting their names on a film that took one page from many different screenplays and made the names consistent.


Playing it Cool Trailer

Playing it Cool Release Date

TBA 2014.

Who’s In It?

Chris Evans
Michelle Monaghan
Anthony Mackie
Topher Grace
Aubrey Plaza
Giovanni Ribisi

What’s Good About It?

Playing it Cool has a decent cast, outside of Topher Grace (more on him in the next section). I like Michelle Monaghan’s back door, and Captain America is pretty talented, even outside of superhero movies.

Just kidding. He’s pretty lame.

What’s Bad About It?


Our Clever Prediction

Playing it Cool looks like it’ll be a pretty big flop. That said, Captain America has grown in stature a bit in recent years, what with him leading THE AVENGERS, but I’m not sure his softer side is as attractive as his 1940’s war hero in the present, punching Robert Redford side.

I like both sides.