People Like Us (2012)


People Like Us is a drama about a young man who is asked to give $150,000 to a sister he never knew he had.

I wonder what I’d do if someone showed up on my door with $150,000… Probably say, “BRO! I LOVE YOU!”

Cause that’s what love is. $150,000.

Anyways, Sam is a salesman who has a big deal go through, and he needs money. At that moment his father suddenly dies, and he has to go home and deal with his family. In figuring out the estate, Sam finds out he has a sister and a nephew, and he goes to meet them, and their relationship develops.

People like Us

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci cowrote the film, and Kurtzman is directing People Like Us. Those names may be familiar to you since they work with JJ Abrams quite a bit, and cowrote Star Trek and the upcoming sequel. They also are co-creators of the TV Show Fringe. So that’s cool. People like Us is a bit outside their wheelhouse, but they’re still talented dudes.

People Like Us Trailer

People Like US Release Date

June 29, 2012.


Who’s In It?

Elizabeth Banks … Frankie
  Olivia Wilde … Hannah
  Chris Pine … Sam
  Michelle Pfeiffer … Lillian
  Jon Favreau
  Mark Duplass … Ted
  Jon Morgan Woodward … John AA menber
  Devin Brochu … Simon
  Barbara Eve Harris … Mrs. Haney
  Paul Sanchez
  Abhi Sinha
  Dean Chekvala … Jerry
  Sara Mornell … Dr. Amanda Goldstein
  Christiann Castellanos … Anna
  Katherine Sigismund … Friend #1
  Maximilian Osinski … Telemarketer
  Sheila Shaw … Friend #2
  Liza Del Mundo … Receptionist
  Shaughn Buchholz … Junkie
  Nick Smoke

What’s Good About It?

I like the writers, and the trailer for People Like Us looks good. I hope Chris Pine can do more than just be Captain Kirk.

What’s Bad About It?

Between his mom being Michelle Pfeiffer, his girlfriend being Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks being his girlfriend, I sorta feel bad for Sam. I’d have a constant erection no matter where I go.

Our Clever Prediction

With a release date of June 29, the producers and studio clearly have some degree of faith in People Like Us. It should provide a nice respite from the big action flicks of the summer, though it may be swallowed up by the bigger films. I don’t know. Maybe a lot of couples will see it. The girl has to see Spider-Man, and the guy has to see People Like Us. Sound strategy.