Peanuts, Godzilla & Maleficent Trailers, Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser, Star Wars Story Details & More!


Peanuts reveals its first trailer, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 teases the final trailer, Star Wars: Episode VII gives a tiny clue as to the story, Maleficent discusses her stolen wings and becomes a dragon, and Godzilla one ups a dragon by being the king of monsters!


Peanuts is apparently going to be a movie. Not sure if I never heard of this or forgot it, but either way I’m happy now! The film uses CGI, but is still trying to mostly stay true to the original comic and animated films in terms of look, music and voice work. Honestly, it looks outstanding. And this teaser trailer is basically nothing worth watching. There’s nothing to it. Yet… I’m aglow with excitement.



The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I don’t know when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 became an inspirational sports movie, but based on this new teaser for the trailer that’ll be out tomorrow, it is. That music really doesn’t work. What does work is the cool scene of him swinging around the city. That’s actually pretty cool. Like, for reals.

Star Wars: Episode VII

Star Wars: Episode VII is going to be starting production soon, and that means official casting is forthcoming, but it also means juicy details as to what the film is about. The film will take place 30 years after Return of the Jedi and follow a new trio of young heroes, along with some familiar faces. Basically, new Jedi, but you’ll also see Luke, Han and Leia. So… basically what we’ve known for a while. YAY!


Maleficent has a new trailer today that explains the pain that Maleficent went through in her life a bit, as a means of giving cause to her being a wicked bitch. The fact that she once had wings and they were stolen is pretty cool, and I like the dragon toward the end. Not quiet Smaug, but still cool looking.


Godzilla has a new international trailer that does a fair bit toward the beginning to make the film about government conspiracies, then it switches it up toward the end to give me a massive boner by showing some sort of flying monster that I presume Godzilla will fight. This film has thus far done a great job of not giving away too much, and this new trailer is certainly evidence of that. Basically, Godzilla is gonna be a big monster-fighting-monster film, and I like that.