Parkland (2013)


Parkland tells the tale of the people who surrounded the death of John F. Kennedy. From the ER doctor who did his best to help the president to Zapruder, who filmed the shooting and made one of the first important home made videos ever.

It seems like much of the film is about the difference between people on the inside and those on the outside of the shooting. There are police officers, doctors, and regular Joes. Each of them was affected in a different way, but all were important, or at least importantly affected by the incident.

I think Zapruder is going to prove to be an interesting part of the film, especially as he’s being played by the always awesome Paul Giamatti.


Peter Landesman wrote and directed Parkland. I believe this is his first feature film as a writer or director. While that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, the film is being produced by Tom Hanks, who tends to work with very talented people, and he loves his historical stuff.


Parkland Trailer

Parkland Release Date

October 4, 2013.

Who’s In It?

Zac Efron . . . Dr. Charles Carrico
Marcia Gay Harden . . . Doris Mae Nelson
Paul Giamatti
Billy Bob Thornton
Jacki Weaver
James Badge Dale

What’s Good About It?

The trailer looks really good. Outside of Paul Giamatti, this isn’t the best cast in the world, yet almost everyone has a decent track record, outside of Zach Efron, but he’s not so bad. Paul Giamatti more than makes up for Efron.

What’s Bad About It?

My only issue is the inexperience of the director and the lack of an overly stellar cast for a film about JFK.

Our Clever Prediction

I think Parkland has potential for one reason and one reason alone: Giamatti. I’m genuinely looking forward to it just to check out his performance.