Paradise (2013)


Paradise, formerly known as Lamb of God, is Diablo Cody’s next flick, and her directorial debut. The film follows a faithful young woman whose faith is brought into question following a plane crash.

The young girl is named Lamb (UGH). She comes from a very conservative family in a very conservative town, and is very devout, but after a plane crash leaves her pretty badly scarred she starts to question her faith. She then goes to Las Vegas with the money she gets from either insurance or a lawsuit, and tries to live a less virtuous life. She wants to see what she’s been missing because of her faith. Naturally, she meets some nice folks who try to help her have the time of her life, and on this journey of self discovery she finds her way back to her faith.

And probably gets herpes.

Lamb of God

Diablo Cody is, as many of you know, the writer of Juno, as well as Jennifer’s Body and Young Adult. Obviously, Juno was a huge success, but much of her other work has not been so well received. She did write much of The United States of Tara, which was fairly successful, but Juno is still her biggest success. I’m sorta in the camp that doesn’t like her, and I was REALLY in it a few years back, but I’m starting to soften a bit toward her. That said, I don’t think her talents are going to lie in directing, at least based on the trailer for Paradise, so she might want to get back to crafting charming films about teenage pregnancy.

If I have one piece of advice for Diablo, it’s to stop trying to be so clever, and just write honestly. She has a twinge of honesty in much of her work, and I think she has potential for more success, but she peppers her dialogue with cheesy bullshit that’s hard to wade through to get to the genuine emotion. It worked for Juno, but it’s getting old.


Paradise Trailer

Paradise Release Date

October 18, 2013.

Who’s In It?

Holly Hunter
Julianne Hough
Russell Brand
Octavia Spencer

What’s Good About It?

The cast for Paradise is solid, and Cody’s writing is usually pretty good, if a little too clever for its own good.

What’s Bad About It?

I think Cody might struggle as a director her first time out. She’s worked with some talented folks though, so maybe she’s learned enough to make a real go of it.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t see Paradise making a ton of money. I think mid level success is the most it can hope for. The cast has some quality actors, but Julianne Hough, while not horrible, isn’t a fantastic actress, and looks rather silly in the trailer.