Pacific Rim is gonna ROCK, Prisoners Might Also & The Conjuring may Scare me

prisoners june 28

Pacific Rim has a ridiculously awesome (and awesomely ridiculous) training scene, The Conjuring tries to get real to scare us, and Prisoners steps it up in a new trailer!

Pacific Rim Training Partners

Pacific Rim has a new scene of the lead Charlie Hunnam getting some training with his love interest in the film. It’s kinda silly, but at the same time I really enjoyed it, and it made me think the film has some potential as a true live action anime. The Matrix did one style quite well, but there weren’t big monsters and skyscraper-sized robots. Awesome.

In addition, there’s a new featurette that does a nice job of giving some extra info on the story, including the fact that the war against the big monsters in the film has actually been going on for about 20 years. That’s a new detail. I’d assumed it would be more like, “Hey, there are monsters! Thank goodness we have these big robots to fight them!” But this makes a lot more sense, and should make for a cool story.

The Conjuring

This new trailer for The Conjuring tries to show the reality behin the film, which is silly as hell, but at the same time it’s not bad. I think the scenes with the real life family diminish the film, since it means they really survived. Plus, when you see the real life people who believe in the ghosts and what not in the film it’s harder to take it seriously. Oh well, the trailers have been scary so far.


Prisoners has a new trailer that gives a bit more of the story than we got the last time around. I thought it would just be about Hugh Jackman’s father character going after a bad guy, but I think it’s more about him going after the wrong guy, while the real kidnapper of his daughter runs free. The lack of info from the police makes it seem like it’s really the first dude, but now I’m not so sure. Honestly, the first trailer made me think it might be halfway decent, but now I think there’s a very good chance this will be great.