Open Grave (2014) – Sharlto Copley Wakes up in a Grave with No Memory

open grave 3

Open Grave follows a man who wakes up on an… open grave… full of dead bodies and he has no memory of who he is, how he got there, or who the people who rescue him are. Oh, and one of them is probably the killer. Uh oh.

This is a super high concept film, but that doesn’t mean it’ll suck. The trailer looks solid, and I really like the star Sharlto Copley. The people who save him (his name in the film is John), also have amnesia, so the number one goal of all those involved in the story is to suss out the reason for their amnesia and how to deal with whoever killed all the people in the open grave.

Also, was John supposed to be one of the dead bodies, or did he kill them?

Open Grave

Open Grave comes from director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, who made Apollo 18, so he knows high concept.

He also knows how to disappoint people. SNAPDRAGON.

Chris and Eddie Borey wrote the screenplay. They don’t have much other work to their names, so hopefully they came up with some cool ideas for their first big shot.


Open Grave Trailer

Open Grave Release Date

January 3, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Joseph Morgan
Sharlto Copley
Erin Richards

What’s Good About It?

Open Grave kinda looks cool, even if it’ll likely be a little basic. I really like Sharlo Copley, as I said, and he looks to be giving an intense performance in this as well. I don’t quite know what’s up at the beginning of the trailer, which I assume is the opening of the film, as he seems to be cracking his bones a bit as he stands up. Is he stiff, or coming back to life? Are they zombies? That would be sorta cool.

What’s Bad About It?

This might turn out to be a bad B movie. It also might be a ripoff of 28 Days Later, at least to some extent – the action and horror looks similar.

Our Clever Prediction

Open Grave will likely not be a huge commercial success, as it’s going to be in theaters a few days after opening On Demand, but I’m actually really interested in giving it a closer look. I don’t know exactly what it is, but there’s something about it that interests me.