Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time… as all fairy tales start.  And when you were a kid, you know it always ends with …and they lived happily ever after.  But in ABC’s new fantasy drama series, Once Upon a Time, the road to ‘happily ever after’ may be more twisted and treacherous than your typical fairy tale.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time TV Show Image (1) From former writers of Lost, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, in this revisionist retelling of your favorite classic children’s stories, you will find beloved characters like Snow White, Jiminy Cricket and Rumpelstiltskin in a much darker world.  The Evil Queen, has put a curse on the story book world to destroy their happy endings by freezing fairytale characters in the modern world with no memory of their former selves, sending all of its inhabitants to an absolutely horrible place, a place void of hope… a place in New England, in a sleepy town called Storybrooke.  Does this mean that there are no happy endings in the real world?  Well, that would suck for us.  The only one who can break the curse and for everyone to find their happy ending is Snow White’ and Prince Charming’s daughter, Emma Swan, who they sent away in order to be protected from the curse.

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In present day Boston, Emma, now a grown up, gets an unexpected visit from her son, Henry, who she put up for adoption 10 years ago.  Henry found out about the curse by reading a book his teacher gave him and thinks his sleepy town, Storybrooke, is really part of a curse cast by the Evil Queen.  Of course, Emma doesn’t believe him and promptly returns him to his adoptive mother.  But her arrival in Storybrooke sets things in motion.

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The series follows the characters as the battle to lift the curse ensues and their journey to finding their happy endings, along the way, I’m sure interesting back stories will be revealed.  Viewers will see familiar faces from their childhood fairy tales but not as what they’ve seen them before and they might not be the people you’ve believed them to be.  Does this mean that the Evil Queen may not be evil after all?  And with that logic, maybe Snow isn’t as perfect as we thought.  oooh… or maybe, Prince Charming is her son and that’s why she hates Snow White?  It explores questions on the fairy tales that we’ve never considered like: Why is she Snow White? Why did she fall in love with the prince? Why did the Queen hate her?  This seems like a promising show, it gives us a taste of nostalgia but with a modern and darker twist.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a whole lot of fun finding out about the answers to these questions.  Let’s just hope that unlike Lost, we’ll have the answers rather than more questions

Once Upon a Time Characters

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  • Emma Swan: a 28-year-old, strong and self-reliant bailbonds collector who is independent and knows how to taking care of herself.  Abandoned as a baby, she grew up in the foster care system and learned to rely only on herself, never letting anyone else get close enough to let her down.  She’s the daughter of Prince Charming/John Doe and Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, and is Henry’s biological mother.
  • Mary Margaret Blanchard: In the Enchanted Forest, she was the strong, competent and self-assured Snow White (a far cry from the demure damsel portrayed in fairy tales) who is Emma’s biological mother (and Henry’s grandmother).  She becomes Henry’s charitable and sensitive elementary school teacher in the Real World.
  • Regina Mills: the icy, darkly beautiful Evil Queen of the Snow White fairy tale.  She becomes Henry’s adoptive mother and Storybrooke’s mayor in the Real World.  Despite the demands of her job, Regina is an extremely attentive mother to Henry but, at times, can be a bit overbearing.  With Emma’s arrival in Storybrooke, Regina senses the very real threat she presents to her relationship with Henry, so she is determined to keep Emma away from Henry.
  • John Doe: in the Snow White fairy tale, he is the tall, noble and handsome Prince Charming, who married and had a daughter (Emma) with Snow White.  He is also a battle-tested warrior and leader of the Enchanted Forest’s War Council.  In the Real World, he is the unknown comatose patient at Storybrooke General Hospital and has been that way for as long as anyone can remember.  Day after day, when Mary Margaret volunteers at the hospital, she tends to him and replaces the flowers at his bedside, completely oblivious to their romantic connection.  Nobody knows who he is, what happened to him or if he’ll ever wake up.
  • Henry: is Emma’s imaginative and strong-willed son whom she gave up for adoption ten years earlier.  Adopted by Regina Mills, he learns the truth behind Storybrooke from a book of fairy tales.  He looks for his biological mother with the hopes of convincing her to save the Enchanted Forest.
  • Archie Hopper: Storybrooke’s eccentric and bookish, human resident psychiatrist in the Real World. In animated form, he is Jiminy Cricket, who may have a more colorful past than what we’ve seen in Pinocchio.  In The Enchanted Forest, he is a member of the War Council.  In the real world, just like in the fairy tale, he is never without his signature umbrella.
  • Sheriff Graham: Storybrooke’s handsome and authoritative sheriff with a mysterious past.  He is level headed and competent, a man of action, always rising to the moment.  As sheriff, Graham works very closely with Regina, the town’s mayor. Perceptive and diplomatic, he has an easy rapport with everyone in town.  Henry remains unsure of Graham’s identity in Fairy Tale Land.  Maybe he’s the Evil Queen’s husband?
  • Mr. Gold: Storybrooke’s wealthiest resident and pawnshop owner in the Real World. He helped build and “owns” the town.  A number of the citizens of Storybrooke actually appear to be more intimidated by him than they are by Mayor Regina. In the Enchanted Forest, he is Rumpelstiltskin, a gnomish, intense and crazy malevolent trickster who his payment in the form of firstborn children.


  • Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan
  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard
  • Lana Parrilla as The Evil Queen/Regina Mills
  • Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/John Doe
  • Jared S. Gilmore as Henry
  • Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper
  • Jamie Dornan as Sheriff Graham
  • Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

Series Premiere

October 23, 2011 (SUNDAYS), 8/7c on ABC

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