Officer Down (2013)


Officer Down is a new police drama starring Stephen Dorff as a police officer and former Special Forces officer who has to figure out a mystery concerning a security guard and a doctor.

I can’t tell too much about the film right now, but it seems the security guard and the doctor dream about each other’s lives. At some point the security guard kills his wife, and I get the impression the doctor knows about it, which leads to their paths crossing, but it also gets the attention of a police officer who’s pretty tough and tries to figure out the specifics of the case.

Officer Down

Officer Down comes from Brian A Miller, who last directed a film called House of the Rising Sun, which starred Dave Batista, the pro wrestler. So he has great taste. The writer is John Chase, who directed a film called Massholes, so THAT’S got to be good.


Officer Down Trailer

Officer Down Release Date

January 22, 2013.

Who’s In It?

 Tommy Flanagan … Father Reddy
  Dominic Purcell … Royce Walker
  AnnaLynne McCord … Zhanna Dronov
  Stephen Dorff … Det. David ‘Cal’ Callahan
  David Boreanaz … Det. Les Scanlon
  James Woods … Captain Verona
  Stephen Lang … Lieutenant Jake ‘Lieu’ LaRussa
  Beatrice Miller … Lanie Callahan
  Walton Goggins … The Angel/Det. Logue
  Laura Harris … Ellen Logue
  Elisabeth Röhm … Alexandra Callahan
  Johnny Messner … McAlister
  Kaitlyn Black … Olivia
  Bree Michael Warner … Brogan
  April L. Hernandez … Coraline
  Oleg Taktarov … Oleg Emelyanenko

What’s Good About It?

I actually really like Stephen Dorff, and I hope he turns out a great performance in Officer Down, so there’s a potential here for him to turn his career around a bit. AnnaLynne McCord is playing a stripper too, so it’s always good to see her wearing less than a lot of clothing.

What’s Bad About It?

Come on. This looks like a turd. The director and writer both have absolute shit on their resumes.

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt Officer Down will make much money, and while I have some slight hope that this could prove to be a good opportunity for Dorff, I don’t think it’ll set the world on fire or anything.