Not Fade Away (2012)

not fade away 2

Not Fade Away is a period piece from Sopranos creator David Chase, and it centers on a young musician leaving his conservative home behind to find musical success.

Douglas, Wells and Ronny are three musicians from suburban New Jersey. It’s the 60s. The Rolling Stones and Beatles are tearing up the charts. It’s a brave new world. These three form a band and move to the East Village. You see the three trying to make it while at the same time leaving behind the normal path. The dad of the main character is played by James Gandolfini, who doesn’t understand his son but clearly still loves him and wants to make sure he’s okay.

That looks like it’ll be the best part of the film. The father son part.

Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away was both written and directed by David Chase, the creator of The Sopranos. He’s joining forces with his Tony Soprano, James Gandolfini again, and their pairing should yield good things.

Maybe a couple ‘fuggedabotit’s’.



Not Fade Away Trailer

Not Fade Away Release Date

December 21, 2012.

Who’s In It?

  Bella Heathcote
  Jack Huston
  James Gandolfini
  Brad Garrett
  Christopher McDonald
  Julia Garner … Anubis Girl
  Isiah Whitlock Jr. … Landers
  Molly Price
  Justine Lupe … Candace
  Lisa Lampanelli
  John Magaro
  Alex Veadov … Blind Pimp
  Adam Shapiro … Candace’s Friend
  Robert Funaro … Uncle Murph
  Veronica Diaz¹
  John Tormey … Uncle Paul
  Will Brill
  Jenny Anne Hochberg … Teen Concert Groupie
  Brahm Vaccarella … Joe Patuto
  Randall Newsome … Mr. Gaunt
  Charlie Plummer … Kenneth Dietz

What’s Good About It?

David Chase is a fantastic writer, and his directing is great. Yeah, he did TV stuff for HBO. But that’s not really TV. It’s HBO.

James Gandolfini rocks, and the newcomers look like they can handle things.

What’s Bad About It?

Nothing yet.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t see Not Fade Away being a huge commercial success, but it also didn’t have a massive budget so it should do pretty well. I think I’ll really enjoy it, as I love the music from the time and would love to get a feel for the era. This could be quite cool. Chase aims for a degree of authenticity, and this might just have it. Might.