Non-Stop (2013)


Non-Stop is a new action film starring Liam Neeson. In this particular film, he has a set of skills. Skills that make him a…

Oh, that’s the other one. In Non-Stop he plays an Air Marshall who receives a text message from someone who claims to be on the same plane flight and is threatening the passengers. He has a time limit for finding and stopping the killer.

But can he?

Yes he can. He might not be able to stop them from TAKING someone, but he can get them back once they’re taken.

And in this instance I’m going to say the bad guys have, after a fashion, TAKEN the plane hostage.

Get IT?


Non-Stop comes from director Jaume Collet-Serra and a screenplay by Christopher Reach and John W. Richardson. Collet-Serra last directed Unknown, which was a decent Liam Neeson film that was a lot like The Bourne Identity. Expect something similar here.


Non-Stop Trailer

Non-Stop Release Date


Who’s In It?

 Liam Neeson … Bill Marks
  Michelle Dockery … Nancy
  Julianne Moore … Jen Summers
  Scoot McNairy
  Anson Mount
  Linus Roache … David McMillan
  Corey Stoll … Austin
  Nate Parker
  Bar Paly … Iris Marianne
  Omar Metwally … Dr. Fahim Nasir
  Liz Thomas … Madeline
  Jason Butler Harner
  Amanda Quaid … Emily Norton
  Finise Avery … Nanny First Class
  Quinn McColgan … Becca
  Frank Deal … Charles Wheeler
  Lupita Nyong’o … Gwen
  Corey Hawkins … Travis
  Perri Lauren … Stella
  Andrew Alberson … Passenger (Student/Hacker)
  Lars Gerhard … Rolf
  Sharlota Kay … Anne Christensen

What’s Good About It?

What isn’t? It’s a Liam Neeson action film set on a plane. You won’t get the car chase scenes from Taken, but you still get his particular set of skills.

What’s Bad About It?

This seems like a step down from Air Force One. I mean, seriously, Harrison Ford as the President kicking ass? Yeah, I’d like to see that again too.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t expect huge numbers from Non-Stop, but Neeson has proven to be a decent draw as an action star with Taken 2, and he’s awesome, so I think this film will be both good, and reasonably successful.