Night Moves (2014) – Environmental Terrorists Blow up a Dam

night moves2

Night Moves is a drama about three strangers who come together to commit an act of environmental terrorism. They’re going to blow up a dam.

And that don’t give a damn.

Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

Anyways, the three main characters of the film are an older, more experienced environmental terrorist, played by Peter Saarsgaard, a younger, jaded but committed environmentalist played by Jesse Eisenberg, and a young idealistic newbie with just a bit of experience but who isn’t committed to the cause the same way the other two are. She may not be up for blowing the dam, since people will most likely get hurt. She believes in environmentalist stuff, and is, therefore, batshit insane (SUCK IT) just kidding, but she isn’t so committed that she wants to hurt people. The story revolves around these three planning, and possibly carrying out, the blowing up of a dam.

Night Moves

I wonder if the title Night Moves came to the writer one night at a bar, while cutting a rug on the dance floor, and some drunk dude came up and said, “Nice Moves…”

But it got slurred to Night Moves.

It’s important to think about stuff, man…

Anyways, Kelly Reichardt is the director, and she cowrote the screenplay. She made a film called Wendy and Lucy back in 2008. It was about a woman whose car broke down and her dog was sent to the pound. I guess. Why do people think I’m stupid for liking movies about the son of billionaires whose parents are gunned down in front of him as a child only to become the greatest hero Gotham has ever known?

That sounds a lot more interesting than, “My car doesn’t work and the government took my dog.” Hell, that sounds like something a crazy person would say.


Night Moves Trailer

Night Moves Release Date

May 30, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Peter Sarsgaard
Jesse Eisenberg . . . Ringleader
Dakota Fanning . . . Weathly Girl

What’s Good About It?

Night Moves has a decent enough looking plot, with someone wanting to help in a cause, and even being pretty extreme about it, but also not being a hardened criminal, and not wanting to go to the level of others who are even more extreme. That’s rife for drama!

Just not as rife as Batman’s story. THAT is really rife.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t know how the dam is hurting the environment, but no doubt it is quite nefarious. I mean, it holds back water. WATER. Damn dam.

Anyways, no one wants to see this.

Our Clever Prediction

Night Moves will likely flounder outside of the major markets, where people will be forced to see it because the message is important and the actors are even more self important. Then Jesse Eisenberg can go back to doing bad magic in an even worse movie.